April 2021 Newsletter

As we look forward to our next marriage retreat, we hope you will prayerfully consider joining us at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Retreat. "Up Where We Belong" is held in majestic Estes Park on May 31st through June 4th. We can't think of a better way to kick-off summer than at the gorgeous Aspen Winds on Fall River Resort growing in your relationship with God and your spouse.
Rocky Mountain Retreat

Dates: Monday, May 31st at 6pm - Friday, June 4th at 12pm

Cost: $558.00 per couple - includes Continental breakfasts, 4 nights lodging and workbook

Daily “Up Where We Belong” Marriage Seminar with several session held on mountain-side locations inside Rocky Mountain National Park

Daily Schedule:
- Teaching 9AM-12PM
- Vacation fun time 12-6PM
- Teaching 6-9PM

Aspen Winds on Fall River - owned and operated by Phil and Dot Rohrbaugh

Accommodations include:
Spa Suites (2 person Jacuzzi) or One Bedroom Suites w/Jetted Tub/Shower,
Kitchenettes, King Beds, Fireplaces, Cable TV, Phone, Gas Grills and Outdoor Hot Tub and MORE!

Reservation Deadline: May 15, 2021
*Reservations are confirmed with advance, non-refundable deposit of $175
*Total balance due by May 18th

To Register:
Call or email the Travers at 913-780-3423; thetravers@mountaintopmarriages.org
or June Gordon at 719-440-4175; ising4joy1986@gmail.com

For More Information: Check out our website
Foundations (Don’t Build it if it Won’t Stand)
By Russ Gordon
MTM Board Member

In Colorado Springs where we live, there are some areas that have bad dirt. We have “expansive soils” that can cause the ground to swell and shrink at times. On the West side, closer to the mountains, it can be really bad. Some homes that were built there have shifted over the years and in my real estate practice I’ve walked into some that feel more like the fun house at the carnival. The floors slope from one side to the other and you actually feel a sense of vertigo because nothing in the house lines up. I’ve seen jagged cracks shooting up walls like lightning bolts and doors that either don’t close or constantly close by themselves because nothing is square.  

The builder either failed to test the soil prior to building or tested and decided to build anyway, figuring he’d be long gone with his money in the bank when the house started to fall apart.

The key to building a solid house in Colorado Springs is to know exactly what kind of soil is at the building site and if it’s bad, dig it out and replace it with good stuff then compact it down until it’s as solid as rock.

In a marriage if you don’t know what kind of dirt you are made of, you’ll bring your faulty soil into the marriage and try to build something that won’t last. It might look good for a little while, with the new floors and pretty paint but it won’t be long until cracks start to form and things get shaky.

The condition of your personal “foundation” might not be your fault but you don’t have to live with what you’ve been given. If your home life was bad or circumstances have dealt you a bad hand, it's tough but you have a decision to make. It might feel like there’s no way out because when you’ve grown up believing you’re not worth much you don’t have much motivation to change. How do you just suddenly start believing in yourself? The key is to recognize the truth vs. the lies. The truth is that we all have a lifeline; a rope God threw to us. His name is Jesus and that lifeline is sitting right there next to you in your pit. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to grab the rope and start climbing or just stay where you are.  

You can start the process of excavating the bad dirt and replacing it with rich, life-giving soil (the Word of God) that will give your life and your marriage a rock solid foundation. Once you’ve replaced the bad dirt with good soil you reinforce it through repetition until you experience a revelation of His unconditional love until you have something awesome to build on. God is in the business of replacing faulty foundations with rock solid ones.
Thank You for Your Prayers & Support
If you can't join us, please consider sponsoring another couple by sowing a seed. We couldn't do this without your prayers and support!

Keep Climbing,
Roger & Laureen Traver