February 2021 Newsletter
We hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Holidays like Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, and wedding anniversaries help us remember to celebrate our love. For our marriage to grow into the beautiful reflection of Jesus' love for the church, we need to invest in our spouse and marriage more consistently than a couple occasions a year. Our lives are busy, but we can cherish our spouse and grow together by implementing daily actions that can have a huge impact. Here are some ways to show your spouse agape love and meet his/her needs daily...
Your Wife Needs:
  1. Intimate communication
  2. Understanding
  3. Godly advice from Spiritual Head
  4. Companionship
  5. To be protected and kept
  6. To have emotional needs fulfilled & respected
  7. To be thanked, complimented & appreciated
  8. To know that she is 1st before all other people & things (except God)
  9. To be fulfilled sexually
  10. Affection at times outside of intercourse
  11. To be romanced
  12. Presents or gifts just because she is loved
  13. Date nights
  14. Time alone with Jesus
  15. To see husband in the Word & sharing with the kids
  16. To be fulfilled through her man
  17. Outings & shopping times
  18. Man to be observant & take care of things around the house that need to be fixed
  19. Satisfaction in house keeping and lots of hugs
Your Husband Needs:
  1. Respect & honor
  2. To be the provider
  3. His wife to satisfy his sexual desires & drives
  4. To feel that he is more important than anyone else in wife's life (except God)
  5. Approval & praise
  6. Gratitude & thanks for his efforts around the house
  7. Understanding
  8. Affection & touching at times outside of intercourse
  9. To be listened to, not "talked at"
  10. His wife to verbally communicate her feelings
  11. His wife to believe in him
  12. Quality time with Jesus & Bible reading
  13. His wife to intercede & help him with problems
  14. His wife that understands Biblical submission & his God-given spiritual headship
  15. His wife to care about her appearance
  16. An area of retreat that is his resting place
  17. His wife to be trustworthy
  18. An outlet for adventure
  19. To be able to fail & still be accepted
Alaska Adventures

Last fall, we taught a series of meetings
from Oct. 11-14 in Valdez, AK with pastors Ray and Rosie Tapp. We also got to visit our friends in Fairbanks and take a camping road trip to Denali National Park and the Kenai Peninsula. The moose were plentiful and we even got to watch a grizzly bear for quite some time. If you've always wanted to experience Alaska for yourself, checkout our upcoming MTM Alaska Cruise!
Have you always wanted to see Alaska?

We have scheduled a MTM cruise from Aug. 27-Sept. 3. We will be leaving from Van Couver, CA and arriving in Seward, AK by way of the Inside Passage and Hubbard Glacier. We are sailing on Royal Caribbean (providing they do not cancel because of Covid restrictions).

You can register by calling the groups department planner @ 1-800-465-3595 and give them our Group #2129411 – Mountain Top Marriages – Roger & Laureen Traver.

Then let us know that you registered. We will get credit and we will be able to keep you informed about all the upcoming activities while on board.

12 couples have already signed up for the one-way cruise. Travers will also be leading
a 5 day land tour (after the ship lands in Seward) to Anchorage, Denali Park, Fairbanks and Valdez.

Do You Shop on Amazon?

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Mountain Top Marriage Ministries Inc - Colorado Springs CO

This simple change in your online shopping can make a huge impact on our non-profit funding. Thank you so much!

Thank You for Your Prayers & Support
We are so grateful for all your prayers for our daughter-in-law, Lori, who is battling cancer. We have made a couple trips back to spend time with her and our family. We continue to stand in faith for her complete restoration and manifest healing. We are expecting the Lord's Miracle and praising Him for his faithfulness.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support to our ministry. We could not accomplish what we do without you!

Keep Climbing,
Roger & Laureen Traver