January 2021 Newsletter
2021 may or may not be starting out the way that you thought, but however you voted, it is not a time to quit praying for America! Our Bible says the Lord will never leave us or forsake us. We are expecting miracles on many different levels of life surrounding us! Justice, truth and love and peace still overcome evil. Greater is He who is in us than the spirit of anti-Christ
that is in the world. So, celebrate!
Health & Healing in Marriage - Online Courses

In March of 2020 while we were in lockdown from Covid-19, the Lord asked us to put some short marriage teachings on Facebook and YouTube. There are 24 short videos talking about “Health and Healing in Marriage”. We cover many subjects beginning with the fact that marriage was designed by God. We look
at His plan and what His heart is concerning the subject of divorce. We discuss all aspects of communications and how to share our heart feelings. We teach you how to pray-read the Word and how to do spiritual warfare by taking authority over the enemy with the Word of God. We teach the value of submission, love and respect. We also speak about how to handle finances God's way. And of course, sexual intimacy and moral purity are vital in a healthy marriage. These individual lessons are short but full of Scripture and truth that will help you to have a strong successful marriage!
Join us on Friday, February 26 at 4pm - Saturday, February 27th at 4pm in Woodland Park, CO! Like a garden, an excellent marriage requires nurturing and feeding to thrive and produce a rich harvest. A great marriage will flourish in an atmosphere of prayer, humility, mutual support, and affirmation. However, for most couples, these behaviors don't come naturally. While our intentions are good, we battle time, fatigue, distractions, and our flesh and often, our marriages are not our highest priority.

Mountain Top Marriage Ministries exists to disciple couples how to use God's Word to have a victorious marriage. Join us for a fun and distraction-free, 24-hour overnight getaway as we delve into great teaching and the Word, learning all that God has in store for you and your marriage no matter where you find yourself along that journey. You'll be blessed - guaranteed!

CCC Home Group

We started our Charis Christian Center home group once again. We have 6 couples that come to our home and 5 couples that join us via ZOOM! We are team teaching with Steve and JoAnne Rupp, another couple from CCC that has a heart for marriages. We meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month through May.
Prayer Request & Thank You
On a personal note, we would ask you to stand with us in prayer for the complete restoration and manifest healing of our daughter-in-law, Lori, who is battling
cancer. The Lord told us to “Expect a Miracle” and we are praising Jesus for it every day!

Thank you for your financial and prayer support to our ministry. We could not accomplish what we do without you!

Keep Climbing,
Roger & Laureen Traver