SUNDAY May 16, 2021
"The difference between a mountain
and a molehill is your perspective."
Al Neuharth
Whether from news stations, social media, the talk at the marketplace, or a simple conversation with a friend, we are reminded consistently that people often see things differently. Sometimes, that leads to great divisions in our communities and we certainly see that in our country way too often. Perceptions are formed based on each person's experience and knowledge gained. As they gather more information, their perspectives start to change.

Many people in America have a perspective that "rural" is synonymous with "ignorant" or some other derogatory word. Those of us who live, work, and play in rural areas and small towns, know that is not true. As Hollywood screenwriter Kris Hunt said in a recent County Line ARTICLE, rural people are often worldly, educated, or otherwise well rounded.

“Some Texans may wear worn-out clothes, have strong country accents, and drive old trucks. But they also may speak four languages, play the piano, and tell you all about fine wines,” he says.

Hunt tells his enlightening stories through film. Visual arts and music also play a huge role in unifying people. It's easier to set differences aside when wrapped up in the essence of art, even if viewers don't see it the same. Art is a common place where seeing it from different perspectives is acceptable and even welcomed. We need more of this. Find it in this issue and as you go about meeting beautiful people all around the towns and countryside in the Upper East Side of Texas. — P.A. Geddie
Find hand-crafted jewelry at Zeke & Marty Studio in downtown Edom, Texas. Pieces are fabricated from precious metals combined with found objects, natural materials, and stones. Each piece of wearable art is a one-of-a-kind creation. Visit Edom to see in person or peruse the gallery at
"Sabra Study" by Shirley Gordon
The work of artist Shirley Gordon is featured in "Journey to Becoming" at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts through June 6. Follow the headline link here to read more about her and exhibition details.
Emily Harris takes us on the roads less traveled for some outdoor fun this summer. From swamp tours to zip lining, blueberry picking to animal farms, there's something for everyone. Click the headline above to read more.
Wright Was Master Trumpet Player
Lammar Wright Sr. was born in Texarkana on May 20, 1907. He took to the trumpet naturally, eventually playing with the Cab Calloway jazz orchestra. At other times in his career, he played with Count Basie, George Shearing, and others, often based in New York City. He died in April 1973.
Stefanos Greek Kouzina & Pastry Shop in downtown Emory, Texas, continues to get great reviews from diners from near and far. Pictured is the "Cassie" Gyro Pita topped with Greek Garlic Slaw and on the side are fries with olive oil and Feta cheese. Outdoor seating is available. Read more about this tiny piece of Greece by clicking on the headline.
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