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Aesthetic Mounting Solutions for  
Smaller WiFi Access Points 

Model 1004: Right-Angle AP Mount; Smaller Aruba APs 

Quickly install the AP in preferred horizontal orientation. This right-angle mounting bracket has a hinged, snap-down cover and sidewalls to help conceal cabling and can be placed directly over data outlet.

The 1004 is designed for smaller Aruba Networks APs such as the AP205, AP215, AP305, AP315, etc. White powder-coated steel. Ideal for hard lid environments such as hotels and retails spaces.

Model 1040-FL: Cloud or Canopy Ceiling AP Installation Kit

Model 1040 is an economical, easy-to-install cloud, canopy, or suspended ceiling mounting kit for APs from most vendors. A cutout is made in the ceiling panel, the panel bridge is placed above the ceiling panel, and the AP is attached to the white trim. The AP/trim assembly then is drawn into the panel bridge with a torsion spring, much like certain recessed lighting fixtures. The AP is recessed into the ceiling, with only the front face exposed for optimal wireless coverage. With the Model 1040-FL, the AP is recessed behind a low-profile ABS plastic cover. The installation is fast, easy, professional and aesthetic. The AP trim can be easily swapped out for alternate AP brands without tools.
Model 1042-FL: Recessed Hard Ceiling AP Installation Kits
Model 1042 provides the simplest way to recess APs into a hard (drywall/sheetrock) ceiling for an aesthetic, professional installation. A cutout is made in the ceiling and the back-box is fastened to the ceiling. The AP fastens to the AP-specific trim, and the trim to the back-box. The AP is recessed into the ceiling much like a recessed light fixture.

The AP trim can be easily swapped for new trim if the AP brand or model changes in the future. Model 1042-FL recesses the AP behind a low-profile ABS plastic cover. Cover is paintable and is virtually transparent to wireless signals. UL Listed. 

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