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Final 2 Days
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News from the Guild
  April 2013

We are excited to have a solo exhibition by Cape Ann artist Charles Movalli, opening next week. Please put this must see show on your calendar because the artist's canvases are dynamic and draw you into every picture. This is an exhibition not to be missed!

Bill Everett
Movalli Boston

Scenes of the City
Charles Movalli

April 6 - 27

Opening Reception 
Sat, April 6, 3 - 5 PM

Artists' Talk 
Sat, April 20, 2 PM

The Silver Urn,  Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches 
Charles Movalli, one of Cape Ann's most notable painters, brings a collection of works of scenes of Boston. Instead of the expected and cliche scenes often depicted in paintings of Boston, Mr. Movalli captures a moment in time of what he observes on the streets of the city. Working on location we feel as if we are looking over the artist's shoulder as he paints what he is observing and what we see. Fresh and immediate make these Impressionistic paintings attractive as they draw us into the world that the artist sees.


The Fourth,  Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches


Mr. Movalli of Gloucester, Massachusetts was presented the Hudson Valley Art Association's highest honor by its Board of Directors for his outstanding, outreaching dedication to the preservation and expression of art. A strong believer in its principles, Movalli has spent his life-time "spreading the word" as writer, teacher and painter. Above all, his many short articles have furthered the careers of those he showcased. Charles' career was an attempt to answer a basic question posed by Claude Croney, AWS: are you a teacher who paints or a painter who teaches. Which comes first: the work itself, or teaching students? The two are not mutually exclusive, but Movalli always felt, even when at his busiest as a teacher: Work comes first.


Off to Class
Off to Class,  Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36 inches

The working life of Charles Movalli is a fitting answer to this question: Born and raised in the traditional art colony of Gloucester, Massachusetts, young Charles was encouraged to paint by his artist-mother, Charlotte; she worked in pastel and watercolor with a specialty in painting flowers. His father, Alfred, was the son of a sculptor and had a great interest in art. Movalli's early nurturing was furthered by frequent visits to Gloucester's Sawyer Free Library, which had an unusually rich collection of art books. Here Movalli discovered Frank Lloyd Wright who soon became the teenager's life-long hero. Movalli greatly admired the architect's disciplined, well organized mind -- the basic tool for any kind of artistic execution. Inspired to become an architect, Movalli became an English major on the advice of his school advisors and turned to liberal arts. Meanwhile, Movalli tried to find editorial work. Don Holden, at the helm of Watson-Guptill became Movalli's first "padrone". Holden gave Movalli his first non-academic assignment: working with Roger Curtis on a series of art instruction books. Movalli was also attending art demonstrations by Emile Gruppe . Holden again saw the potential for another useful art collaboration. This project led to a series of four titles. The books are now collector's items and formed the basis for a real friendship between Movalli and Gruppe, fifty years his senior. Movalli edited the three Gruppe books: Gruppe on Painting, Brush Work; Gruppe on Color; and Brushwork for the Oil Painter. Movalli also wrote a historical introduction to Hunt's On Painting and Drawing and books with Croney, Betty Lou Sehlemm (translated into Japanese) and Paul Strisik. This book was translated into Chinese. Movalli's connection with Watson--Guptill led to other assignments as contributing editor to American Artist magazine, for which he eventually produced over 70 articles on art and artists. His writing was not restricted to this publication. His articles have appeared in Southern Accents, Southern Boating, and in American Art Review. In addition, his own work was featured in American Artist; other examples can be found in Frank Webb's Dynamic Composition, Wendon Blake's Artists Guide to Using Color and Stephen Doherty's Handbook to Landscape Painting. All are required reading for art book collectors around the world.


Dunkin' Divas, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches 
While working with Claude Croney, Movalli first encountered the problem: Does the artist paint and teach, or does the artist teach and paint. Movalli's art-related writing not only gave him a needed grounding in the fundamentals of painting but also led to his becoming a full-time painter. Soon there began a cycle of exhibitions, awards, and one-man shows. The popularity of his books and articles led to many years of teaching. "Simplification" and "expression" became his watchwords. Over the years, he has lectured and demonstrated painting techniques for over 100 art organizations and juried exhibitions in Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Kansas, and Bermuda. Before retiring after 20 years of teaching, he had led workshops in 24 states as well as Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, England, France, and Switzerland. In 1996 John Stobart's video Worldscape II features a painting segment in Gloucester with Charles Movalli. He finally became a teacher who paints.

St Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

Movalli now maintains his home and studio in Gloucester with artist-wife Dale Ratcliff, who finished in the top 100 at the local Arts in the Parks competition. Movalli believes that his career falls into clear segments. Charles Movalli sports three hats: First, that of a journalist and writer of art instruction books who wants to paint; second, a teacher who paints whenever possible; third, a painter who teaches occasionally; developing, finally, into a painter involved primarily with solving his own unique pictorial problems. "I was like the bumblebee gathering pollen from all the people I worked with. Eventually, you have to try to make your own honey. Writing, teaching, and painting are all alike in that they force you to boil things down, to edit and compress so that what you say makes sense. But, "he also warns," it can't look like you've worked hard and long, even if you have. A painting should be done quickly with both your intellect and your nerves. When they give out, stop. For me, painting is reaction. It's a matter of swiftly pursing an insight to its logical conclusion." Working in all media (oil, acrylic & watercolor), Movalli is listed in Who's Who in American Art. His memberships include North Shore Arts Association; Rockport Art Association; the Guild of Boston Artists; Hudson Valley Art Association; Academic Artists; Knickerbocker Artists; Oil Painters of America (Signature Member); and New England Watercolor Society. 


Logan, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches


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