Image: Zhao Weikai, Li Xin, and their three children.

Police in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China again summoned a homeschooling father for questioning, this time on suspicion of “illegal holding of materials promoting terrorism and extremism”.

The July 7 detention is the latest in a series of troubles with Chinese authorities for Zhao Weikai, a 35-year-old Christian from Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church whose refusal to stop homeschooling his three children led to a home raid and charges of proselytism in May.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

The 2019 Sunday School in a Box (SSIB) project was so well received by the Chinese underground church that we want to expand distribution in this year’s project!
This year we hope to distribute 3,000 boxes to Chinese children and their families!

Why is it important to pray for persecuted Christians everyday?

As Christians, we have so many things that we could pray for, so why make this request a daily priority?

NK Links
Pray for Pastor Sergei from the Good News Presbyterian Church in Samara, Russia. 
The government is threatening to tear down the church due to various building code violations. We continue to receive reports from other Protestant churches across Russia who are experiencing the same thing. Although it’s technically legal for Protestant Christians to worship together, the Russian government makes it very difficult for these churches to own or even rent a space for worship. 
Pray for Mr. L and Mrs. K
Mr. L is one of VOMK’s UU NK defector discipleship school students. At Mr. L’s church, an NK woman named Mrs. K attempted suicide. Mr. L has been caring for her and visiting her. Now Mrs. K is staying in a mental hospital. Please pray for God to heal Mrs. K and to work through Mr. L to continue to show her God’s love and preach God’s healing word to her.