A new herbal energy shot company called Woke Up! Energy Shot based in Tampa, FL has launched distribution for nationwide retail, vending, and online sales including Amazon after 5 years in development. 

Created by CEO Dilan Jay, the all natural caffeine shot boasts zero sugar, with a proprietary formula packed with adaptogens, herbs, healthy mushrooms, vitamins, and amino acids.

Probably the most novel component of the Woke Up! formula is its caffeine sources. Instead of the ever-popular sourcing of caffeine from coffee beans or even tea leaves, product creator Dilan Jay decided to extract the shot’s caffeine from two Amazonian plants: yerba mate and guarana. 

Both yerba mate and guarana not only contain healthy amounts of caffeine (one 2 oz. shot equal to one and half cups of coffee), but these plants also contain powerful constituents to improve the body’s response to stress, give a long-lasting focused boost of energy, and eliminate the dreaded crash notorious of other mainstream energy drinks.