Newsletter 01 | July 2020
An update on move planning to the Health and Athletic Center.
Move Scheduled

The move into the Health and Athletic Center is scheduled for next week.

The move is scheduled to start on Monday, July 27th and be completed by Friday, July 31st.

The movers will pack offices, group rooms, cabinets, lab spaces, and exam rooms. Those who have elected to self-pack some items should ensure the contents are boxed and labeled as to where they should be delivered.

Reminder that the movers do not move personal items. A white box was provided for you to pack personal items and transport home. Personal items include: plants, framed photos, artwork, mini fridges, etc. These are items that the University does not own.
Prepping for the Move

In preparation for the move, please prepare as follows:

  • Ensure computers, monitors, printers, and/or any other type of equipment has been powered down and unplugged from the wall.
  • If you share an office, make sure that your items are separated from your neighbors. Placing a piece of paper with your last name and new office location with these items will help expedite the packing of your contents.
  • Take personal items home: plants, framed photos, artwork, mini-fridges, etc. Personal items are those not owned by the University.
  • All lab equipment should be wiped down prior to relocation. Sharps containers and bio-hazard trash cans must be emptied in order to be moved.
  • The specimen fridge should be emptied and wiped down.
  • Any items not being relocated should be clearly identified.
  • Lateral file and supply cabinets, that have been identified to move, must be unlocked with the key taped to the side of the cabinet.
Surplus Process

Any office supplies and/or equipment, that is no longer needed, needs to follow the Surplus Property Process. For more information, please visit the Surplus Property Overview and/or contact Lori Callaway.

Upon completion of packing, any surplus items not picked up should be staged in a single location with surplus tags present, so they are not mistakenly transported as part of the move.
Key Return and Acquiring New Keys

Key return and pick-up will be at the Lock Shop (located in Facilities Services A, same lobby as TAPS). You will need to return your old keys in order to receive your new keys. Lock Shop hours are 11:00am -12:00pm and then again 2:00pm-3:00pm. These hours apply to campus working days only (not weekends and/or holidays).

If these times do not work for you, please call the Lock Shop to schedule a time that accommodates your schedule. Lock Shop: (209) 228-LOCK

Desk keys are to be left behind, with the keys in the cores.
The Actual Move

Rest assured that stringent requirements are being placed on the moving companies, due to Covid.
Movers will be required to wear fabric facial coverings, gloves, carry hand sanitizer, and have their temperatures taken at the start of every shift.

In addition to the move, all new office spaces will be cleaned upon completion of the move.
Still Have Questions?

Check out the move FAQ's for commonly asked questions, as it relates to prepping for your move. If there is a question that you still have, email and additional clarification will be provided.

For the most recent information, be sure to check out:
During the duration of the move, building access at both the existing
and new building locations will be limited.