Newsletter 02 | June 2020
An update on move planning to the Biomedical Sciences and Physics Building.
Construction is moving along!
Phase I:
Basement and First Floors
  • Lab Fit Out Construction Completion - early August
  • Moves - August thru October

Phase II:
Second through Fourth Floors
  • Lab Fit out Construction Completion - mid November
  • Moves - November thru January

The Lab Move Coordination Team will be working with each faculty member individually to schedule a preliminary walk-through of the lab space prior the relocation date.

Please note that due to COVID-19 these dates are fluid; however, move planning will continue and information will be shared via the moves website and forthcoming newsletters.
Move Schedule
The Lab Move Coordination Team will be reaching out to each faculty member individually, with proposed dates, for your move and individual needs. The move date will be established based on the faculty member's needs and availability within the phased time frame. Any questions prior to this coordination, please reach out to the move coordinators listed below.

If the Lab Move Coordination Team have not received the lab inventory, they will not be able to ensure installation of adequate infrastructure for equipment. Please be sure to have identified any future equipment that was not previously addressed in the lab inventory, by June 30th, for Phase I moves, and by July 15th, for Phase II moves. Any equipment identified after these dates will need to be addressed by the department.
Office and Lab Move Coordinators
If there are any questions regarding the coordination of your move, please feel free to contact the below teams managing your moves.
Office Move Coordinators:

Allison Costa:
Bobbi Henderson:
Lab Move Coordinators:

Robin Walker:
Sara Anastos:
Introducing the Biomedical Science and Physics Building
In an effort to comply with social distancing, allow us to introduce you to the new Biomedical Sciences and Physics (BSP) Building from afar.

The BSP Building is comprised of four floors and a basement level, which has five break rooms, eight classrooms, eight colloquy spaces, 21 conference rooms, and 13 printer/ copy rooms.

If you would like to get a better idea as to where BSP is located on campus, please refer to the newly updated campus map.
OIT ServiceDesk Phone Moves
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has been contacting those with current phone services (landline and/or cell) to discuss transitioning lines over to VoIP and the available service options. Please note that if you do elect to keep your phone service, this cost will need to be covered through the department or a personal FAU. The Project does not cover phone handsets and/or service fees. If you have not been contacted, please reach out to Kent Carpenter.
Office Furniture
Last week faculty and staff, moving into Phase I, should have received an email regarding office set-up. Office furniture plans were issued, along with notes regarding existing furniture that may need to be accommodated from your existing office. Please ensure you have responded to these emails, as this information is critical in ensuring items move over and are placed in their correct location.

If you have not received an email, and you are moving into an office in basement or level 01, please contact Those moving as part of Phase II, will be contacted early in the Fall Semester.

Make sure to check out the furniture information on the moves website to learn more.
Conference Room Reservations
As of August 1st conference rooms will be available in EMS, for staff and faculty to begin scheduling future meetings, within the Biomedical Sciences and Physics Building for basement and first floor.