Boxes have been delivered

For those who requested to self-pack, boxes were delivered on Sept. 17th, along with labels. Please be sure to label your boxes/content with your last name and new office number. If you are unsure of your office number, please reach out to your supervisor or department chair. Please reference the Move Packing Guidelines to understand what to pack, how to pack, and what to leave behind. If you need additional boxes and/or labels, please email

Reminder, while packing social distancing must be followed, facial coverings are required, along with frequent sanitizing of hands. All on-site visits should be coordinated with your supervisor and/or department chair.

For those who have requested that the moving company pack for them, this will be handled the day the moving company is on site to relocate your items.

If you occupy a shared office, please have your items clearly identified so that they are delivered to the correct COB1 office.