Newsletter 02 | July 2020
An update on move planning to the Health and Athletic Center.
The Move is Complete!

You have arrived at your new home. There is a lot to get familiar with in the new Health & Athletic Center. This building is now home to Counseling and Physiological Services (CAPS), the H. Rajender Reddy Health Center, and Athletics. There are 15 exam rooms, two group rooms, team and coach's locker rooms, along with a break room, and public locker rooms for the neighboring Aquatic Center. 

For staff currently on campus, key return and pick-up will be at the Lock Shop (located in Facilities Services A, same lobby as TAPS). You will need to return your old keys in order to receive your new keys. Lock Shop hours are 11:00am -12:00pm and 2:00pm-3:00pm. These hours apply to campus working days only (not weekends and/or holidays).

If these times do not work for you, please call the Lock Shop to schedule a time that accommodates your availability. Lock Shop: (209) 228-LOCK
Building Services

´╗┐The Operations and Maintenance team for south campus is Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) . JCI holds the 35 year maintenance contract for the 2020 buildings. If you need temperature controls adjusted, photos hung, or have a building concern, submit a work order to, click "guest login", choose South Campus, and then the building. Please do not attempt any DIY in this building.

JCI has provided two documents to aid in submitting your request:

Any building maintenance requests and/or concerns need to be addressed to JCI, by way of a work ticket. For additional information on the JCI scope and process, please contact Robin Walker.

Custodial services will remain the same, as they were previously provided, in the Gallo Building.
Title 24 - Controlled outlets
This building has Title 24 compliant controlled circuits, which many of your previous office spaces may not have had. It is a recent requirement of new construction buildings to have some outlets that will turn off during non-business hours, to conserve energy. These outlets are identified as shown to the right and are located inside offices. It is best to use these outlets to plug in items you are not be concerned about shutting down over night. For example: monitors, task lights, sit to stand desk, etc.

Please refrain from utilizing mini fridges and microwaves in offices and/or at workstations. These spaces are not designed to accommodate the added load from these appliances. There is a break room, located on the first floor, in room 110. The break room is outfitted with two refrigerators and two microwaves.
Moving Box Clean-Up

Moving boxes will be picked-up upon request, due to Covid, it is understandable that the unpacking process may be delayed, especially for those who have yet to return to campus. Email when boxes are ready for pick-up. Boxes will be picked-up within two (2) working days.

Please identify a space within your department, as to where these boxes will be staged.
Print/ Copy Services

New printers have been installed and require the use of your CatCard. To utilize the printers you will need to install the CatCard Printer. There will be two options for printing: 1) UCMGlobal (for black and white prints) and 2) UCMColor (for color printing).

Printing fees are as follows: Color is $0.16, per sheet, and B&W is $0.04, per sheet.

Contact Document Services , if you have any questions.
The New Office Furniture

The offices have new furniture with added features. All offices have sit to stand desks, ergonomic task chairs, task lights, and mobile peds.

´╗┐Below are two videos to introduce you to your new desk and chair.
Steelcase Ology Desk
Steelcase Think Chair
Campus Map

An updated campus map is available for you to familiarize yourself with your new location, neighbors, and nearby parking lot locations. Please feel free to utilize this link to share with students and/or vendors looking for your new location.
After the Move

Upon completion of the move, only the Student Health Center will be on site, as their operation never went remote, as a result of Covid. Staff that have transitioned to remote work will not be able to come into their offices and immediately unpack.

Reopening for the remainder of the building will be determined by the Chancellor and the Provost.

Until the reopening has been determined, the building will only be accessible for Student Health Center operations.
Webcor will remain in the building completing punch list items
over the next week or so. If you have any questions or concerns,
regarding your move, please direct them to