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Lateral Entry Keeps Your Career Moving
Lateral Entry is a unique career opportunity CMPD offers to qualified law enforcement officers who have served in their respective department for two years or longer. Some who transfer to CMPD, like former NYPD officer Robert Chomicki, are looking for lower cost of living and less snow. Others, like Officer John Collins, want the latest training, technology and advancement opportunity.

Learn more about Lateral Entry and Intermediate Entry, and make the move.
Coast To Coast With Officer Collins
Officer John Collins is an East Coast native who earned his degree in accounting and finance. He spent the first half of his career as an auditor with a large public accounting firm and as a director and officer at a boutique financial services firm.

He realized he wasn’t feeling fulfilled and wanted to do more than just volunteer to serve his community. He wanted to be a first responder.

He shares his journey to CMPD.
Why did you choose to apply to CMPD?
I applied and was accepted into the Chicago Police Department, but Portland, Oregon, called with an offer I couldn’t refuse. After serving two and a half years, I wanted to remain in law enforcement but desired a geographical change. I started looking for a police department along the East Coast that shared the same modern approach to officer education and training as Portland. That is when I found CMPD.
What would you say to someone who is considering a lateral move to CMPD?
I’m glad I made the decision to relocate. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is a big organization, and we stay busy from call to call. The department demonstrates an ability to adapt and change as needed, while maintaining access to cutting-edge technology and up-to-date officer training.
CMPD Recruitment 101
These questions and more are answered in CMPD's March 18 Facebook Live "Recruiters on Your Computer" broadcast. Rewatch it here.
What is the starting salary?

Entry level pay starts at $45,757. Officers can earn up to $94,909. You can also start at a higher salary if you have a bachelor's or associate degree.​ ​
Can I be an officer if I have a tattoo?

Tattoos or brands cannot be visible on the head, face, chest or neck. Any visible tattoo must be covered by a uniform shirt or approved tattoo "jacket".
Do I need to have a valid driver's license?

Yes, you must have or be able to obtain a North Carolina OR South Carolina driver's license AND have a minimum of two years driving experience.
Can I make more if I speak a foreign language?

Yes! We are especially looking for Spanish-speaking officers. You must be able to pass a reading, writing and speaking test to demonstrate proficiency.
CMPD Facebook en español
CMPD is proud to announce its Facebook page for Spanish-speakers. This page will help CMPD communicate and build important relationships with Charlotte's Latin American community. Check it out.

CMPD se enorgullece de anunciar su página de Facebook para hispanohablantes. Esta página ayudará a CMPD a comunicarse y construir relaciones importantes con la comunidad latinoamericana de Charlotte. Compruébalo aquí.
I wanted to go into a profession where I could come into contact with people from all walks of life. I like having that diversity in my everyday work life. 

- Officer Kamesha Bridges
CMPD Aviation: 50 Years of Flight
CMPD is one of the few law enforcement agencies in the country that features an aviation unit. In most cases, the​ presence of a helicopter can help to secure a suspect and reduce the likelihood he or she will resist arrest or fight with an officer on the ground.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Aviation Unit was formed in 1971 with one helicopter and three officers. Today, CMPD helicopters have advanced crime-fighting features like thermal cameras, moving map systems, LoJack tracking and night vision. Aerial support is also helpful during rescue missions.

These pictures span the career of retired Officer Phil Hollifield, a charter member of CMPD’s Aviation Unit, recently recognized for his service.
CMPD Is Now Accepting Applications
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for those who are
sworn officers
a new CMPD pathway
for those who are BLET-certified
Learn more about CMPD's compensation and benefits.
Inside CMPD: Independence Division
CMPD's Independence Division recently opened a new facility at 6711 City View Drive. Every aspect of this building has taken the community into consideration. From locally-sourced artwork to conference rooms that are available for citizen use, Independence Division’s doors are always open. Take an aerial tour of the new state-of-the-art headquarters.
Spring in the Queen City
From sidewalk cafes, rooftop restaurants and biergartens, to waterparks, gardens and outdoor sports, Charlotte, NC, is one of the most beautiful cities in the southeast to experience a vibrant spring. After a long, dark winter and a challenging year, take a tour of all that sunny Charlotte has to offer in Axios Charlotte's "30 cool things to do this spring in Charlotte."
I love this job because no day is the same and you’re not stuck behind a desk.

- Officer Kristina Frazita
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