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For this mom, disability pride starts in the toybox
Amy Lockwood's wooden wheelchair
'is equal parts a teaching tool, a fun wheeled toy, and a piece of inclusive decor.'
After her teen's aneurysm, a mother reflects on 'amazing things that have happened'
Veronika says the support she's had from other parents on the unit has been key to her ability to cope. 'There's a comfort in connecting with someone who understands.'
Senate passes amended assisted dying bill, despite disability group concerns
'Bill C-7 sets apart people with disabilities or disabling conditions as the only Canadians to be offered assistance in dying when they are not actually nearing death.'
Most doctors hold distorted view of disabled life, American survey finds
A new study in Health Affairs found that 82 per cent of doctors don't think it's possible to live well with significant disability.
From nursing student to manager, Michelle found her niche in children's rehab
'I see that our nurses and clinicians treat the kids as if they were their own. That brings me joy.'
'You touched co-workers everyday (I feel very humbled, now that I'm a patient, Jan. 12). Your enthusiasm and gentle prodding made me (a fairly reserved staff) in the ARC lab feel free to sing along with you to the delight of the autistic children and myself.Thank you for that gift!
Susan Day, Facebook
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PARENT SUPPORT NETWORK: Music therapy for families and caregivers.
7-8:30 p.m.
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Holland Bloorview, 150 Kilgour Rd.

FAMILY WORKSHOP: A panel discussion on mental health for caregivers.
7-8:15 p.m.
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This is a virtual event.
Holland Bloorview, 150 Kilgour Rd.
Spanish toymaker recognized for dolls with Down syndrome
Miniland won Spain's Toy of The Year award in 2019 for a collection of four dolls with Down syndrome. The Guardian writes here about how toymakers in the Valencian town of Olin are making waves with diverse dolls.
Alison Piepmeier recruits George Estreich and Rachel Adams into a profound conversation that narrates their experiences of raising children with Down syndrome as an optic on injustice, advocacy, and social transformation through this most intimate of parent-child relations.
Rayna Rapp, author of Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: The Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America
Tessa Miller writes with precision, conviction, respect, and thoughtfulness about pain as well as the disparate, and at times unjust, experiences that people face when navigating the American health care system. What Doesn't Kill You is relentlessly researched and undeniably smart, but more than that, it is humane and offers reliable information to chronically ill people and their allies.
The New York Times
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