Do you run like a box or a ball?  To find out, see my new article about how to reduce drag in your running form and prevent injury.  Read Dr. Dan's  Eat Better-Live Better-Feel Better,  part 3 of 3 to learn how to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation with diet and lifestyle.    And as a follow up to my Bread Miracle tortillas in the last issue, how about a Paleo Taco recipe to fold inside?  HIT Cycling Trainer classes are also still available for all levels, and as an existing patient of Performance Therapy, you can try a class for free- check out the video below!

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Mike Danenberg
Director of Sports Performance
Running Can Be a Drag?....

Drag is defined as something that slows motion, action or advancement.  In running, drag is created by both gravity and ground forces.  If the goal is to create efficient forward movement, then 
we need to address the issues that impede this action.  In this article, I will give you two of the
 seven steps we take to show you how to use gravity and ground forces to your advantage.
A large percentage of running injuries that we treat in our clinics are a result of biomechanical dysfunction due to faulty running form.  With a few simple changes resulting from our seven step analysis, runners can significantly reduce their chances of an injury that may stop them from doing what they love. 
Are you a ball or a box?

Eat Better- Live Better- Feel Better, is a series especially created for the patients of Performance Therapy by Mike's father, Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg, Periodontist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Certified Primal Blueprint Expert based in Charleston, SC.   You can also check out his blog:  Dr. Danenberg, Your Gut, Your Health, Your Choice
Eat Better - Live Better - Feel Better: Part 3 of 3
Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg
In Part 1, I described how acute inflammation could develop into chronic inflammation. In Part 2, I discussed the damaging effects of chronic inflammation. Now it's time to make a difference.
How to reduce chronic inflammation
The methods to reduce chronic inflammation in the body include an anti-inflammatory diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Results are not going to happen by taking a pill to solve the problem. It will take repeated and significant efforts on your part. But your personal benefits from these efforts will be life changing. 

Mike D.'s Paleo Tacos

Who doesn't like Tacos?  My family loves them spicy but I love them mild.  What ever your taste is, Tacos can be a fun family dinner or a mid day snack.  My struggle with Tacos though is finding seasonings that are not laced with MSG and other chemicals that I can't pronounce.  So after some trial and error, we came up with a great seasoning recipe that I am proud to share. 
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See What You Are Missing!
The founders of  EPT Racing  (Epoch Universal & Performance Therapy) in conjunction with HIT Endurance Coaching, have created an environment where cyclists of all levels can participate in a coach led cycling trainer class and its a big HIT!
Performance Therapy would like to offer all of its valued patients an opportunity to try a cycling trainer session at no cost. U se promo code "EPT-HIT."

Thank you for being our patients.  We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you meet your wellness and fitness goals.  Whether you see us for injury, run analyses, or workouts, we look forward to helping you any time.  


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