Summer is in full swing and this time of year always brings a heightened interest in core training. So to ensure everyone stays healthy and injury-free, Head Trainer Matt Ballew explains what core training really is in a new feature called Matt's Corner.  Be sure to sign up for our OrthoCarolina 10K Beer and Food Truck Fest, and check out Brooke's yummy Zucchini Noodle Salad recipe.  And don't forget,  HIT Cycling Trainer classes are also still available for all levels.  As an existing patient of Performance Therapy, you can try a class for free- check out the video below!

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Matt's Corner:   
Brace Don't Flex
I have good news and bad news for the world. The good news is everyone is born with fantastic abs.  The bad news is, the majority of us are just not lean enough to see them.  Core training, however, is not intended to "lean" up your midsection or to get "cut." It also should not center around sit-ups or crunches.  Core training is not for this. The sole purpose of core training is to do the very important job of protecting and stabilizing the spine, period.

Now lets talk core stabilization. There are three categories; Anti-extension, Anti-rotation, and anti-lateral flexion. Notice that there is no mention of flexion-based movement (sit-ups). Well that's because most of us stay in a flexed position for the majority of the day. So why in the world would we want to strengthen that position? Now certain exercises combine training in each category, but for this month's article we are going to discuss the plank . The plank combines all three if done correctly. If you can hold a plank for longer than one minute you are doing it wrong or you need to progress to a more difficult exercise. Although if you have been holding planks for longer, kudos for your dedication of mastering boredom. Now lets discuss the exercise.

When performing a plank you need to approach the set-up of the exercise from the ground up. Start by assuming a prone position by supporting yourself on each elbow. Firmly plant each foot in the ground and lock the knees and hips by squeezing the quadriceps and glutes to stabilize the lumbar spine. Now brace your core by flexing all the musculature around your core. This includes your obliques (the side muscles), as well as, the abdominals. Bracing is not drawing in, so DO NOT pull your belly button to your spine. To complete the set-up, stabilize your upper body by pulling your elbows to your waist. You are actively pulling down using your lats to stabilize the upper body and your elbows should not slide. Don't forget to breathe with your diaphragm. Once you can hold this for one minute, increase the difficulty by removing one of the contacts (either an elbow or foot) from the ground, not by increasing the duration.
Brooke's Zucchini Noodle Salad

This salad is wonderful for warm summer days as a side dish or even a main course! You will need a vegetable spiralizer for this recipe. They are very easy to find and so fun to use for making paleo friendly "noodles" from veggies like carrots and squash  as well as healthier oven-roasted "curly fries" from sweet potatoes.
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