Fall is finally on the way and so are fall sports so let us help you stay ahead of the game.  Also in this issue, Zac Breedlove is back with our team and available now for appointments! Don't miss part 2 of Matt Ballew's article on shoulder health and definitely check out my dad's incredible Paleo Banana Nut Chocolate Chip bread - you won't believe its paleo!  HIT Cycle Training classes are rolling on too so come try your free class.

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Mike Danenberg
Director of Sports Performance
Get Ahead of Fall Sports Injuries!

With fall comes school sports, youth and adult sport leagues, and great races, so don't let you or your children get sidelined with an injury.  Come see our team BEFORE you get injured for a Run Analysis or a FREE Functional Movement Screening consult.  A Run Analysis can help you maximize your speed and help keep you running injury free with the right form and technique.  Our Functional Trainers can show you where you may have muscle imbalances that could lead to problems down the road.  Of course if you do get injured, we are here for you as always, but why not try to get ahead of the game this year? Call our office today at 704-541-8655!
Welcome Back Zac!

We are pleased to welcome Zac Breedlove (BA, ART, LMT, CSCS, SFMA) back to Performance Therapy!  Zac rejoins our team of ART/Performance Therapists after a couple of years in the cold northeast.  Zac has openings for treatments as well as Run Analyses so tell your friends to call today!  To learn more about Zac, please click here . 
Matt's Corner:  Atlas Shrugged...But You Shouldn't Part II
Last month we briefly discussed the anatomy of the shoulder, which included some corrective postural cueing known as diaphragmatic breathing. The focus of this month's article involves learning how to control your shoulder blades. Now along with maintaining correct posture and diaphragmatic breathing, controlling your shoulder blades is the last piece of the puzzle. To refresh your memory from last month, the shoulder blades can move in four different ways. Elevation or shrugging we learned is a poor position for your shoulders to be in chronically. The opposite of that action is depression or pulling the shoulders down. The final two directions of movement involve pulling the shoulder blades together, called scapular retraction, and pulling the shoulder blades apart, called scapular protraction. By combining scapular depression with retraction, the shoulder girdle is stable, and the arms have a foundation from which to push or pull. 

Click here for a corrective exercise you can use to practice the proper position of the shoulder blades.

Dr. Dan's Paleo 
Banana-Nut-Chocolate Chip Bread 
Here is another of Mike's father's delicious and healthy recipes:  
I have tried many banana bread recipes, but this one is the best. Most Paleo-type recipes usually have been very dry for my taste. This is moist and reminiscent of the banana breads I enjoyed before going Primal. And, how can you go wrong when it includes dark chocolate crumbles? Go easy. This is a treat; not a regular part of a diet.


See What You Are Missing!
The founders of  EPT Racing  (Epoch Universal & Performance Therapy) in conjunction with HIT Endurance Coaching, have created an environment where cyclists of all levels can participate in a coach led cycling trainer class and its a big HIT!
Performance Therapy would like to offer all of its valued patients an opportunity to try a cycling trainer session at no cost. U se promo code "EPT-HIT."

Thank you for being our patients.  We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you meet your wellness and fitness goals.  Whether you see us for injury, run analyses, or workouts, we look forward to helping you any time.  


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