Fall is in full swing and the holidays are around the corner.  If you will be riding in the car to visit family and friends, or are just desk bound, check out Matt's article featuring some thoracic and hip exercises that can make you feel better.  And if you have not been in for a free Functional Movement screening, learn more below and call us.  Who can resist Chocolate Pudding?  Now you don't have to resist with my Dad's healthy paleo recipe below. And finally, Congrats to our own LaDawn McClamb for a super finish in her latest Ironman!

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Mike Danenberg
Director of Sports Performance
Congratulations to our own LaDawn McClamb!
Corrective Exercise Specialist LaDawn McClamb's patients know how dedicated she is to their health and well-being, and here is proof that she lives what she teaches:  she just completed this year's Louisville, KY Ironman Race with a great time of 13:28:23.  Rumor has it that she finished so strong that she cartwheeled at the finish line!  We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to both her job and her training!  Way to go LaDawn!!!
For more on the Louisville Ironman, click here

Functional Training: Can It Help Me?
Functional Training (FT) involves training the body for activities performed in daily life. FT is based on the concept that movement improves and injury is prevented when the body moves in a more natural way by moving multiple muscles, joints, and directions together, as opposed to typical weight workouts which focus on only one muscle, joint and direction at a time. We start with a free Functional Movement Screening session in which a Corrective Exercise Specialist will determine if you have stability, mobility or joint dysfunction and rate those issues using a numeric scale. Next, our Specialists will design a program of carefully monitored corrective exercises which will work to improve both functional everyday movement and, if desired, athletic performance. You and your Specialist work together to establish realistic goals, and you receive personalized exercise plans. The desired outcome is to treat current issues as well as eliminate faulty movement patterns before further injury occurs. Ask today about scheduling your FREE Functional Movement Screening.
Matt's Corner:  What to Do When....
We have all been there.  Whether its long hours on the road, or lengthy business meetings, we are constantly forced to sit.  Even with perfect posture and a full time masseuse, these extended periods of sitting will take their tole on our bodies.  Not to worry, however, because this month's article will focus on just  a few corrective exercises to help alleviate your aching body. 
Click to learn about Thoracic Mobility and Hip Mobility Exercises.

Dr. Dan's Paleo 
Chocolate Avocado Pudding
We continue with our popular recipes from Mike's father.  At right is Mike's version used as a topping for last month's
For my taste buds, chocolate pudding is about the ultimate taste sensation I can imagine. I am a dark chocolate lover. But, chocolate pudding from a traditional recipe would be relatively unhealthy. Here is a yummy alternative. I found the original recipe from Healthy Holistic Living. However, I experimented with that recipe and changed the amounts of ingredients and added optional toppings to suit my taste. The following is my rendition of this delicious and nutritious treat.  

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Thank you for being our patients.  We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you meet your wellness and fitness goals.  Whether you see us for injury, run analyses, or workouts, we look forward to helping you any time.  


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