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Be ready for fall sports and fun!
With fall comes school sports, youth and adult sport leagues, and great races, so don't let yourself or your children get sidelined with an injury.  Come see our team BEFORE you get injured for a Run Analysis or a FREE Functional Movement Screening consult.  A Run Analysis can help you maximize your speed and help keep you running injury free with the right form and technique.  Our Functional Trainers can show you where you may have muscle imbalances that could lead to problems down the road.  Of course if you do get injured, we are here for you as always, but why not try to get ahead of the game this year? Call our office today at 704-541-8655! 
Congratulations to Carmen van Ginkel
Carmen is the winner of our Raffle for a 5 week training package!  Check out next month's Movement Matters to see her progress.
More Help for Those Who Sit Too Much...
Have you heard that "Sitting is the new smoking?"

Studies now show that the longer people sit each day, the more likely they are to die prematurely from disease, even if they exercise regularly.   The amount of time sitting in today's world is staggering and simply sitting up straight is not enough to offset its effects.   Poor posture caused by sitting is also one of the leading causes of pain in our society today. If left untreated, poor posture can cause the spine to round forward (kyphosis) which puts undue stress on the neck, shoulders, and lower back.  In our July newsletter, we explained how sitting can cause the hip flexors to tighten and offered a corrective stretch for that area.  This month, trainer Matt Balew focuses on the  upper back, more specifically the thoracic spine and how detrimental sitting is for this area of the body. 

Each segment of the body is designed for mobility or stability. The upper/middle back area or thoracic spine is designed for mobility. The thoracic spine or T-spine is the middle segment of the back and serves as a bridge between the shoulders and the hips. Through poor posture and prolonged sitting this area begins to tighten and become immobile. When this occurs, the body compensates by putting stress on the surrounding structures due to lack of mobility. This leads to lower back tightness and pain, as well as, shoulder and neck issues. The only solution besides good posture is to implement a corrective exercise program to help offset all the sitting. 

Provided below is a corrective exercise designed to restore and maintain healthy thoracic mobility.
1. Lie on side
2. Squeeze pillow between knees
3. Place top hand on ribcage
4. Breath in using your diaphragm
5. As you exhale, rotate your upper back while keeping your chin centered over your sternum
*Remember to not rock back at the hips.
Interested in learning more about a corrective exercise regimen? Call and schedule your free Fitness Assessment today.  
Mike's Paleo Buffalo Chicken
Looking for a healthy, flavorful dinner idea?  Check out our own Chef Mike's recipe for crispy gluten free, grain free yummy chicken!
    • 2lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs (Free Range Chicken)
    • 4 whole eggs (Cage Free)
    • 1 1/4 cup Cashew Flour 
    • 4-6 tbsp of Franks hot sauce Original 
    • salt, garlic powder
    • chop sticks

  • Mix eggs and Franks hot sauce together.
  • Mix Cashew Flour with the garlic powder and salt to taste.
  • Dip the chicken in the into the egg bath using the chopsticks and then place in flour to cover completely. Place the Chicken on a greased pan.
  • Put in oven at 410 degrees for 5 minutes then flip.  Then cook an additional 10 minutes
  • Take out and use the extra egg bath to brush over the top of the chicken then place in oven until golden brown, about 12 minutes or so.
  • Eat and enjoy!
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