The holidays can be a joyous time with family and friends, although they can add stress as we try to accomplish everything on our list.  We encourage our patients to make time to take care of yourselves so that you can take care of others. The team at Performance Therapy wish you and your family a restful and happy holiday season!  

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Mike Danenberg
Director of Sports Performance
Matt Elliott, Professional Runner
Rolling through the Holidays! 
During the busy holiday season, it can be hard to find the time to exercise. If you have limited time, what is the number one thing you should do to maintain your health and the progress you have made with us at Performance Therapy? Cardio and weights or stretching and rolling?   Our team is unanimous: stretching and rolling!  If your specialist has given you specific rolling and stretching exercises, make those a priority. If your time is really limited, at least focus on your rolling.  
Don't have a personalized plan?  See our website for some  basic rolling technique  videos and our  Facebook Page   for a few stretches.  Then, make an appointment for your free consult and let our Functional Trainers see where your imbalances are. They can make recommendations and provide a plan for you.  In a few visits, you will feel better, and with our special training packages, you will start to see and feel a difference in movement, comfort, and sports performance.

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This month, we are featuring more great information from Mike's father, Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg, Periodontist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Primal Blueprint Expert. Dr. Dan, based in Charleston, SC, and son Mike, share a passion for healthy living. Al shares these passions on his blog: 

This article is adapted from his November 18th, 2015 post.

If You Do Nothing Else, Do These Three Things to Reduce Inflamation

Chronic inflammation is the most incipient factor leading to chronic disease. These 3 steps will put you on the right track for a healthier body.  
1. Eliminate processed seed and vegetable oils from your diet.
These oils contain large amounts of Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Examples are soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil. Although omega-6 fatty acids are one of the essential fatty acids that we must consume, they should come from whole foods and be consumed in moderation. These processed oils are inflammatory. In addition, they generally are damaged from the industrial processing and frequently come to us in an oxidized state, which adds an additional unhealthy problem for our bodies.
2. Eliminate processed grains from your diet.
Processed grains come in the form of bread, crackers, cereals, pasta, muffins, bagels, pretzels, cookies, cakes, and the list goes on and on. These are made from wheat, rye, barley, rice, oats and other grains that have a high carbohydrate density with little nutritional value. Many of their proteins cannot be digested properly and may irritate the intestinal lining. Irritation of the intestinal lining creates inflammation in the gut and leads to leaky gut, which is a breakdown in the gut lining. From there, other food particles and bacterial remnants can invade the blood system through a breakdown in the gut lining creating serious chronic inflammation and immune responses that may damage other organs of the body.
3. Eliminate processed sugars added to foods.
Processed sugars are inflammatory, spike insulin, and have little nutritional value. These refined sugars are contained in candy, soda, syrups, and table sugar to name a few foods. They contribute to weight gain, tooth decay, and disruptions in various hormones. They also promote unhealthy growth of bad bacteria and yeast in the gut that can threaten overall health from irritable bowel syndrome to brain disorders.
If you effectively eliminated these processed foods from your diet, within 30 days you would notice significant positive changes in your health.

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Check out this recipe from one of Mike's favorite Paleo websites: Nom Nom Paleo!
Nom Nom Chocolate Truffles

If you're panicking because you need a last-minute, homemade gift to bring to a holiday party, make some of these chocolatey balls. These deliciously dairy-free treats will make you the superstar of the soirée.
Look: I know this recipe ain't exactly the height of Paleosity. I'm perfectly aware that truffles are CANDY, and that there's some sugar in the chocolate. But hey, it's the holidays, and I'm certainly not above an occasional treat. Snarf some of these babies down, and wait until January 1st to start your next  21 Day Sugar Detox or  Whole30.
This recipe makes 36 truffles, and you'll need:
  • 10 ounces dark chocolate, 70% cacao content or higher
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 cup full-fat coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut and/or ½ cup unsweetened cocoa
Start by cutting the chocolate into small shards on the diagonal. Place the chocolate and coconut oil in a medium bowl and set it aside.
Heat the coconut milk in a small saucepan over medium heat until simmering. Then, pour the coconut milk over the chocolate and coconut oil, and...
Stir ever-so-gently with a rubber spatula to combine. Don't mix vigorously or the chocolate will get grainy.
Add the vanilla extract and stir to incorporate.
Transfer the chocolate mixture to a sealed container and chill in the fridge until solid (at least 4 hours).
Meanwhile, spread the shredded coconut on a parchment-lined baking tray, and toast it in a 300°F oven for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown. Transfer the flakes to a shallow bowl when cooled. If you're coating the truffles in cocoa powder, pour some into another bowl, too.
Using a small (1-inch in diameter) melon baller or disher, scoop out 36 balls of chocolate. Roll each ball of chocolate between your palms to form a smooth ball. Don't freak out if some of them are misshapen-it's just candy, people. 
Coat each truffle in the toasted coconut or cocoa and sift the excess through your fingers.
These truffles can be kept in an airtight container for a week in the fridge, or about three months in the freezer.
If you're freezing the truffles, don't coat them with shredded coconut or cocoa powder until you're ready to serve them. Instead, bring them to room temperature (about 30 minutes) before coating and serving. Roll the truffles in your hands to melt the exterior and the toasted coconut and/or cocoa powder will adhere easily.
Happy holidays!

Adapted from Nom Nom Paleo
Thank you for being our patients.  We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you meet your wellness and fitness goals.  Whether you see us for injury, run analyses, or workouts, we look forward to helping you any time.  


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