Winter is a great time to work on those nagging aches and pains to get ready for your spring sports, or to enjoy winter sports and fitness training to the max!  This month, Functional Trainer Matt Ballew continues his series with a focus on stage two in treating your shoulder pain: stabilization.  Plus we offer another delicious healthy recipe to inspire your palate and nutrition goals for 2019: Sweet Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole.  Let us know how we can help you!

Mike Danenberg
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Rehabilitating an Injury: Stage 2- Stabilize
Welcome back for round two of learning how to rehabilitate an angry shoulder.  There is a specific order that must be followed when properly rehabbing a shoulder or any area of the body.
Three stages:
(1) Mobility
(2) Stability
(3) Strength (this=fun)

The order is extremely important because each stage builds upon the other.  A joint cannot fully stabilize if it lacks adequate mobility.  So, this is what the   first article addressed.  

Now that you are mobile, we will learn how to stabilize the joint.  The first issue to address is: how do you stabilize the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint?  The answer is learning how to move/control your shoulder blades properly.  They are the foundation your arms stabilize on.  Two movements are required to stabilize the joint.  Scapular depression (pulling your shoulders down/away from the ears) and scapular retraction (pulling the shoulder blades back/together).  

Paleo Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole
This is a favorite in the Danenberg household! From the folks at PaleoLeap:

Have you ever read one of those "casserole" recipes that call for a box of pasta, two cans of store-bought cream of mushroom soup, and half a container of Cheez Whiz?
This is not that one of those recipes. It's just as convenient - dinner in one pot, no need to fuss with browning anything beforehand - but you can skip the pasta and the hyper-processed ingredients in favor of fresh, whole foods. And the spicy buffalo chicken taste is definitely a whole lot better than gloopy puddles of fake cheese and soup from a can.
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