October 2021

In this Issue:
·      IWC Awarded for Making a Difference
·      Move Your Body Move Your Mind
·      Paddling for a Cause
·      The Kindness of Community Partners
·      CFWNC to the Rescue
·      Team Highlights
IWC Awarded for Making a Difference
IWC was honored at The Arc of Buncombe County Annual Fall Fundraiser by receiving the "Making a Difference Award", which recognized IWC for "service, leadership and quality care during the COVID pandemic."
IWC was appreciated for our "commitment and hard work during such a difficult time in our country’s history; each of you truly make a difference!" Thank you, Arc!
Move Your Body Move Your Mind
Movement is essential to a healthy body and mind and each Monday our ADA consumers enjoy an hour of activity thanks to a partnership with Bloom Fitness.
The program offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities an inviting and safe environment to exercise, learn about healthy lifestyle choices, and have social interaction.
“We could not be more excited about our partnership with Bloom Fitness. Each week, our consumers are able to improve their fitness level, get stronger, improve their balance and boost their self-esteem,” said IWC board member, Larry Fisher. 
After the 10-week program, an award ceremony will be held to celebrate the athletes' commitment to the program and to their health.
Paddling for a Cause
Power and teamwork led the IWC team to 4th place in the Drums and Dragons Race last month, which raised $6,232 for IWC. Thank you WNC Bridge Foundation for this amazing event and for also granting us the Most Team Spirit Award!
THANK YOU to our September Community Partners!
  • Sunrise Sawmill – donated woodchips for the school’s playground
  • Malaprops – books for our kids, consumers, aids and teachers
  • French Broad Chocolate – delicious chocolate for our ELC teachers
  • Starbucks 1378 Hendersonville Road - snacks and sandwiches for our consumers, caregivers and team members
We truly value our community partners. If you're interested in becoming a partner, please contact Tonya Bennert at tbennert@iwcnc.org or 828-776-2005.
CFWNC to the Rescue!
The Community Foundation of WNC came to our rescue when a hot water pipe burst in the Azalea home in August. CFWNC provided and expedited a grant which enabled us to repair the damage immediately so we could get the home back to a safe condition for the residents. Thank you CFWNC!
Team Highlights
Celebrating an Anniversary
Meet Shantaneka Mitchell
Shantaneka has been with IWC for
6 years as a habilitation technician at our Rose St. House. When we asked what she likes most about working at IWC, here's what she had to say: "I love everything about my job - the clients, the management, basically everything about it. I think my favorite part is watching the clients grow up and being part of their growth."
Congratulations, Shantaneka! And Thank You for your kindness and commitment to IWC and the individuals we serve!
Photos: Shantaneka makes cupcakes with Rose St. resident, Shams Mehdiyeva.
Employee of the Month
Tiffany Parker
Tiffany Parker became a Lead Teacher in March, 2021 and has mastered the multiple changes in her classroom during these turbulent times. She is always willing to help out and keeps a positive attitude. Tiffany’s professionalism and dedication to the children of ELC is certainly admired and appreciated.
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