Daybreak 天明 (1933) 

Newly-arrived in Shanghai, naive country peasants Caltrop and her fiancé Zhang find factory jobs in hopes of making enough money to marry and live better lives. But when they encounter problems in the form of harassment, unemployment, and arduous new circumstances that force them apart for two years, a disillusioned Caltrop starts assisting the National Revolutionary Army by conducting espionage as it tears up the warlord class in its rampage northwards. Her resilience and fighting spirit shine brightly throughout this spectacular portrayal of love, hardship, perseverance, and patriotism as her country teeters on the brink of revolution.

Note: there are two versions of Daybreak on YouTube:

(1) (with English subtitles, but no soundtrack).

(2) (with a musical soundtrack, but no English subtitles).

As a suggestion, one can watch (1) in one tab of the browser, while playing the (2) soundtrack in another tab.


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Film: Daybreak 天明 (1933) 1 hr. 37 mins. A silent film, with English subtitles.

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