Movies of the Mind Live Album CD Now Available!


Movies of the Mind CD

Summer Greetings!
Michael Nesmith's Movies of the Mind live album is now available online at Videoranch! This album was recorded live during the US Fall 2013 Tour. Click here to purchase this album on CD or click here to dowload the album now!
We have samples of all the songs available for you to listen to so check them out! We also have Movies of the Mind Tshirts, Hoodies, and even Tote Bags!
We do still have a few limited/numbered Standard Edition versions of the Movies of the Mind CD which comes with a Tshirt available. Please email if you are interested as they are no longer listed on the website.

The Band:
Michael Nesmith- Vocals & Guitar
Joe Chemay- Bass & Backing Vocals
Boh Cooper- Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Paul Leim- Drums
Chris Scruggs- Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar & Mandolin

Track List: 
Welcome & Introduction of Band

Calico Triptych

Calico Girlfriend

Nine Times Blue

Little Red Rider

Introduction to Propinquity


Introduction to Different Drum

Different Drum

Introduction to Some Of Shelly's Blues

Some Of Shelley's Blues

Introduction to Joanne-Silver Moon Diptych


Silver Moon

Introduction to Rio-Casablanca Moonlight Diptych


Casablanca Moonlight

Introduction to Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

Introduction to Light-Rays Diptych



Introduction to Crusin'-Dance-Tonight Triptych




Introduction to Grand Ennui

Grand Ennui

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