December 2013
Request for support  
MFL in the Press: Dance to Recovery DVD is a success!
We're very excited to announce that since September Moving For Life has been catapulted into the national eye with the launch of our new DVD - Dance To Recovery.  Thank you Jan Albert and Jeanne Suggs for making this dream of Alison Rosen's come true.  Now women can enjoy Moving For Life in their homes or community centers anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Berk Foundation we will be circulating our Spanish version of the DVD soon.   
Moving Ways to Contribute:
Help MFL Lead a Healthier & More Active World
Research has shown that exercise, comraderie, and healthy eating are keys to PREVENTION of and RECOVERY from cancer and avoiding recurrence too. MFL is a leader in safely getting patients and survivors moving. We have 14 years experience of collaborating with NY finest medical centers, cancercare agencies, and leading community centers.  Join US!
We invite you to get on the wagon of success with our empowering community.  Your contributions of tax-deductible fiscal donations, expertise, networking or real estate for exercise are all needed! 
If you've already donated, thank you, we deeply appreciate your generosity. And if you've been meaning to make a contribution, you can still receive a 2013 tax deduction by donating now.  Any amount is appreciated.  
$5000 pays for a full set of services in an underserved neighborhood (3 free lectures, a weekly exercise class, 6 wellness support groups & 20 DVDs for agencies and group leaders). 
$3000 educates an MFL Certified Cancer Specialist and Instructor.  
$2000 pays for 100 DVDs to be distributed to underserved patients in city hospitals.
$1000 ensures a season of workouts in one neighborhood.
$500 pays for postcards about the importance of exercise in cancer recovery & MFL's free services.
$250 helps with organizing & implementing MFL's introductory lecture: The Importance of Exercise in Recovery first developed by Dr. Martha Eddy.
$100 provides TeeShirts for the Dance Parade! 
$ ________your choice supports any of the above and the nuts and bolts of making this all tick.   
We're close to our goal of closing out the costs of our DVD - paying the editors, for the music rights, and our fearless directors. 
Honor our wonderful co-founder and executive producer
Jan Albert.  
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We have patients and community partners standing by for services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, East Harlem, and other neighborhoods you suggest.
Join us in thanking Valerie Diker for sponsoring a teacher to be trained to work in Harlem in collaboration with SHARE and the Ralph Lauren Center 
Jody Gottfried Arnhold in sponsoring a year of classes! 


 Thanks again to all of our DVD sponsors:

John & Jody Gottfried Arnhold

David and Minnie Berk Foundation

Alissa Bucher & Rob Rogers

Donna & Derrick Cephas

Valerie & Charles Diker

Steve & Cathy DeSimone

The late Norman Eddy

Tim Eddy and Brenda McCoy

Dr. Alison Estabrook

Rebecca & Paul Feuerstein

Gary & Kathleen Handel

Debra Heinrich

Slvian & Lily Marcus

DB Middleton

Vivian Kaufmann & Jan Joroff

Dr. Ruth Oratz

Ilene Rapkin

Dr. Freya Schnabel

Francesca Schwartz

Jerry Smith

Alexis & Steven Strongin

Cici & Alan Wilkinson

Erika & Seth Weinstein

Special Thanks to the Lauder Foundation in memory of Evelyn Lauder



Aretha Franklin

Carly Simon

for donating their songs


And to Carol Siskind for sharing her talents!


And our DEDICATED community! 

Sally Charnow

Julia Kagan Baumann

Lynn Cushman

Lori Belilove & John Link

Lori Bookstein

Adele Chatfield-Taylor

Richard Cogliandro

Lynn Cushman

Emmy & Bruce Davidson

Lou & Jon Dembrow

Carolyn Dorfman

Ellen & Art Doskow

Sally Ekreib

Jeffrey & Ambre Emory-Meier

Robin Falberg

Joan Finkelstein  & Alan Kifferstein

Dr. Sheldon Feldman & Gayle Saunders

Darla Getschman

Harvey Gladstein

Catherine Gross

Sonia Hofkosh & Jonathan Hulbert

Sue Hruby

Jill & Ken Iscol

Jerome Kauff

Rae Korengold & David Rosenmiller

Lauren Levine & James Spound

Amanda & Peter Low

Lili Mahlab

Edward Miller & Monina Von Opel

Curt  & Leslie Myers

Martha Myers

Nina Rappaport & Chris Hall

Cynthia Wang

Hugh Wilson & Leta Weintraub

David White

    Jessica Wolf & Hal Gessner


 Special thanks for Volunteer Hours from

DVD Executive Producer/Interviewer

Jan Albert


DVD Director/Producer

Jeanne Suggs


Moving for Life Originator

Dr. Allison Rosen


DVD Participants

Hyacinth Alleyne

Lillian Brahms

Catherine Gross

Doris Pasteleur Hall

Genevieve Johnson

Hope Reiner

Leticia Rodriguez

Vivian Kaufmann

Ivis Sampayo


Logo Design

Aziz Zazoune of Unspoken Design

And the ongoing help of:

Maeda Bloomberg

Tracy Calvan

Donna & Derrick Cephas

TinYuet Chau

Dick Demenus

Daniel Eddy

Lea Fulton

Pegi Goodman

Jon Kalish

Xenia Klar

Brendan O'Connor

Ilene Rapkin, I OPENERS

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Linda Tumbarello

Lina Sarrapochiello

Talia Shafir

and all of our MFL teachers

   Moving For Life Instructors-in-Training 2012

Remember -
 Moving For Life is a respected leader in engaging people in their own power to be health through conscious movement.  We have been guiding women and men to take action in Cancer Recovery and Prevention for 14 years, gathering a powerful council of medical advisors and hospital endorsements.  
In 1999 Alison Rosen, Jan Albert, and Martha Eddy introduced the winning recovery combo of carefully designed dance-exercise to upbeat music. Dr Eddy created a program that addresses all the fitness goals needed in counteracting the side-effects to cancer treatment - 
  • gentle aerobic movement to fight fatigue and burn calories promoting healthy Body Mass Index (fat:muscle)
  • music to beat depression
  • strength training with therabands and weights to help strengthen muscles 
  • Eddy's special sequences to drain the lymph and reduce swelling
  • just enough challenge to awaken brain cells to shake-off from mental confusion
  • easy weight shifts to bring balance and comfortable sensation back into the feet when peripheral neuropathy strikes  with awareness that
  • compassionate atmosphere has been shown to build self-esteem and positive self-image.
You will find all of this on our DVD 
and more! The DVD includes the full work out PLUS a seated adaptation, tips for safety, how to do the Electric Slide, AND interviews with each participant describing her cancer journey, words from award winning surgeon Freya Schnabel, and extra inspiration from Alison Rosen - MFL's visionary.   Give the Gift of Hope to a friend this season with Dance to Recovery DVD! 
MFL is 80% volunteer and we THANK our volunteers.  Join us Or give so we can do more.  The larger of a committed community we create together, the bigger impact we can all make. Learn more.

Heart to Sky
     Introductory Class Dr. Martha Eddy Tues Dec 14 5PM 

Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center West

325 West 15th Street (between 8th and 9th Ave)

Main Conference Room

Limited seats. Registration is necessary. Please call:

Carolina Hoires of Gilda's Club: 212-647-9700  x245

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