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As the new year begins I find myself reflecting on the wonderful sense of community I feel with my readers. 
Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst.
We share a bond based on our love of good stories, history, and special places. 

And t o my delight, some of have also come to consider the characters in my books as members of their family. 

One of our community named Margaret shared with me: 

"When I reread a favorite book 
it's like visiting an old friend."

No doubt many of us share her perspective. Happily,  w inter is the perfect season to curl up indoors with old book-friends!

  Moving Forward, Looking Back

January is often challenging for me. The manuscript of my next Chloe Ellefson mystery is due to the publisher by month's end.  Needless to say, I'm hard at work!

Once Chloe 9 is in the hands of my Midnight Ink editor, I'll start sharing with you  details   about the new book, due out this fall.  (I'll also begin working on what I hope will become Chloe 10.)

Given those milestones, it seems like an appropriate time to celebrate and reflect back on the existing Chloe mysteries!

8 Chloe Ellefson mystery books.

I'll be exploring, discussing, and holding a giveaway about one Chloe book per month, in the order they were released, beginning this January with Old World Murder.

I'll write about how the series developed over time, including how Chloe and Roelke have evolved individually and as a couple. I invite you to join those conversations.

And in a first, Mr. Ernst will join my blog to share interesting tidbits, historical things that don't appear in the books, that  he uncovered while helping me research the stories.   

Details about the giveaways and articles will be posted on my Facebook Author page and Sites And Stories blog. Join the fun!

  Now On Pinterest

If you enjoy Pinterest, the popular image-collecting website, you can now explore Chloe Ellefson-related boards and pins about the series, each book, and Old World Wisconsin!

Author Kathleen Ernst Chloe Ellefson boards on Pinterest.

I'm a Pinterest newbie, and grateful for all the help from my wonderful assistant Laurie. Please let me know your thoughts!
L ots of images are up, but it's still a work in progress. 

  Writing Workshop

Many times each year I have the privilege of being invited to speak about my books at festivals, conferences, and libraries. As an author I treasure these opportunities to meet readers. 


A few times a year I'm able to set aside a block of days to do something different -- lead a 'hands on' small group workshop to share some of what I've learned about the craft of writing. 

One of these takes place March 2-4, 2018. Check it out.


Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum,  Decorah, IA

  Reader Question
"Have you and Mr. Ernst always worked together?"

I began writing long before I married Scott back in 1995, the year my first book was published.  While he has always been incredibly supportive of my writing career, I pursued it on my own for the next fifteen years, with as many published books.
Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst and husband Mr. Ernst in Norway.

Then Scott left his career in sales and marketing, planning to  ret ire. Instead he went to work with me! 

Mr. Ernst has now been managing our business -- and household -- for eight years, making it possible for me to focus on writing the twenty-one books published since then, and one that's on the way. 

Our full-time gig (and then some) has been an adventure. Sometimes we've butted heads, but overall it has been a joy. And we wouldn't have it any other way!


Recently I received this lovely blessing from Holly, a Chloe fan:

"May you always have stories to tell." 

As long as readers like you enjoy and recommend my books, I'll be able to keep writing. 

Mr. Ernst and I  wish you good reading, and a wonderful 2018!  

Warm Regards,
                                   Kathleen signature in script.   

P.S. -- My events schedule from now through spring (!!!) is set. Discover all the details by visiting my online Calendar.

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Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst at Old World Wisconsin. Photo by Kay Klubertanz.

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst writes award-winning mysteries, and historical fiction and non-fiction for adults and young readers.
Over the years her work has earned numerous honors, including an Emmy, a LOVEY, and Edgar and Agatha mystery award nominations.

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