We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this challenging time. It has been encouraging to see the community remain united while adhering to safety regulations and best practices.

This month we're sharing an important 2020 Festival update (in case you didn't hear), a way to continue celebrating culture (virtually), uplifting Folklorama stories, and last call for scholarship applications. Thank you for your on-going support! Please feel free to share this with a friend!
2020 Festival Update
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the 51 st edition of the Folklorama Festival due to COVID-19. After much consultation with government officials, board of directors, volunteers, and members, we know this is the right decision for all. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to celebrating with you again in 2021.

To read our full statement, please visit our website.
The Celebration of Culture Continues!
The 2020 Festival may be cancelled, but the spirit of Folklorama lives on! We want to continue celebrating culture by sharing your talents on our #FolkloramaFeed. Record yourself at home performing or teaching (song, dance, cooking, etc.), or send us a previously recorded video you have in your archives!

Get creative with us and let's keep doing what we do best: bringing people together, entertaining, and inspiring! Follow along at @folklorama !

If you are interested in submitting a video, please contact cwright@folklorama.ca for more information.
Folklorama Tales
These stories belong to you. They highlight the people of Folklorama, the driving force behind what makes this community so special. Do you have a Folklorama story to share? Send yours to cwright@folklorama.ca today.
White Birch Bakery Opening: A Volunteer Tale
“We wanted a name that would connect our two cultures and our home, Canada. The white birch tree is found in all three countries: Canada, Scotland and Slovenia. Ancient Europeans held the birch tree as a symbol of hearth and home. In the Celtic culture, the tree symbolizes new beginnings, renewal and starting over. Our bakery has been a lifelong dream and is absolutely a new beginning for both of us.” ... (Keep reading)
  Kazka Dance Collective - New Beginnings: A Talent Tale
" Kristina dreams of creating programming for members so that diverse groups can come together and share their cultural dances with the community at large... Her goal is to raise awareness of the Kazka Dance Collective to other Folklorama members, so that if there is any group that is in need of a home, they know they have access to an affordable and safe place for their cultural group. ... (Keep reading)
 Cambrian Credit Union: A Sponsor Tale
" For nearly twenty years, Cambrian Credit Union and Folklorama have had a strong relationship. Cambrian has been proudly supporting Folklorama’s Ambassador Program as title sponsors since the beginning of the partnership. "
Rodrigo Munoz & Papa Mambo: A Teachings Tale
Rodrigo was 8 years old when his older sister brought a guitar into the house for the first time. She was taking guitar lessons, and she would lend the instrument to Rodrigo and let him try it out himself. He took to it right away. ... (Keep reading)
Last Call - Scholarship Opportunity
We understand this is an unprecedented time, which is why we have decided to extend the Mark & Dorothy Danzker Scholarship deadline to May 15, 2020. For more information about this opportunity, please visit our website!
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