Dear Friends,

Words cannot express how grateful Jessa and I are for the love and support that has poured in over the past few weeks. I know I have not yet been able to respond to the hundreds of emails and texts I have received, but please know, they reinforce in our hearts that the Lord’s hand and calling on our lives are without question.

In recent days, I have taken some time for myself and my family. My wife and I have determined in our hearts to be steadfast in the scripture’s mandate to guard our hearts, so that we may accomplish all the Lord has called us to do. Further, we refuse to participate in the childish and ungodly church food-fight that is going on in social media and the “Christian” tabloid magazines. I refuse to engage in the tit for tat accusations that circulate in today’s gossip frenzy. Please understand, my silence is simply my refusal to give fuel to the ungodly attacks of this hour.

My wife and I continue to stand on the statements we made when these false accusations first began. Many of these allegations are simply made up, others I have very directly admitted and dealt with long ago. Therefore, Jessa and I are more determined now than ever to stand together to fight the enemy’s plan. To participate in digging up of old sin, entertain false accusations, or not accept the full forgiveness of the Lord would be an affront to the work and cross of Christ. We will have no part of it.

I want to share a word that has given me much encouragement in the past days.

”Do not agree to anything until the Lord plays all the cards in His hand. The enemy played his cards quickly and showed them all, because the accuser of the brethren is always in a hurry (his time is short). This is why many think the enemy is winning. But the dominion of the accuser over the Body is a limited time that will be cut short.

Now watch—the four aces in the Lord’s hand will be laid out one at a time. 
1. Love ♥️
2. Faith ♠️
3. Godly Wisdom ♦️
4. Grace ♣️
As the Lord plays HIS cards, the accuser’s dominion will begin to erode. But grace, the last ace, is what will end this season in the body and close the dominion of the accuser once and for all.”

Many close friends and partners are asking what the next steps are. For starters, I am going to spend the next few weeks seeking the face of the Lord. One thing this demonic attack has done is to draw me back to the secret place, knowing that the Father is my only True Shelter. Beyond that, Jessa and I are going to move forward with the destiny on our lives. That means in addition to ministering in churches, doing webinars, and online courses, Jessa and I are really going to pour into our local church. We have great people there who are authentic and Holy Spirit centered. We look forward to investing more into their lives. We are also looking forward to bringing the vision of Revival Harvest America to the streets of Charlotte as we minister to the homeless, love on the needy, and feed the hungry.
While this season is giving us the opportunity to take a fresh look at a few things in our ministry, we continue to believe that "the gifts and callings of God are WITHOUT repentance." I know, according to God’s word, that His destiny for me is unquestionable, by His grace. He is the author and protector of my faith and no attack or individuals will stop His mighty work. That will be true for all of us by His wonderful mercy.
We know that the Glory of the Lord is never displayed more than during the battle. Jessa, myself, and the Fresh Fire USA team are focused and ready to join the Lord of Hosts in this battle. While a few changes had to be made, our team remains faithful and steadfast. Astonishingly, their commitment to fighting with us in this battle led them to stand with us in this season, even with no promise of a paycheck! This is humbling beyond belief. In times of testing you see who your true friends, partners, and team members are. Who God brings us to minister to, and with, NO DEVIL IN HELL CAN STOP! PRAISE GOD FOREVER!
Many have you have already heard that a team is being assembled to go through the allegations step-by-step and leave no stone unturned. We are ready for this and trust we will be exonerated of all the false accusations that have been laid against us. This will NOT be a public process, nor should it be. The Body of Christ has suffered enough from the way this has been handled, Lord willing, in the future, things will be handled in a more biblical manner.
Jessa and I would ask that you pray with and for us, as we will also be interceding for you, believing the Lord to bring beauty for ashes for everyone involved, like He always does.

Also, thank you for your continued prayer and giving in this fight. It is more appreciated than you know. If you would like to sow a warriors seed please do so at

Thank you again for your many prayers and encouragement.
We love you in the Lord,
Todd and Jessa Bentley.