Port of Davisville Updates Full Speed Ahead
Steady progress continues to be made modernizing the Port of Davisville, one of the Top 10 auto importers in North America. The plan calls for Pier 2 to be rehabilitated and extended by constructing a new steel sheet along the north, south and east faces of the pier. This will allow for new berthing spaces for unloading cars and other cargo.

The Port of Davisville is Rhode Island’s only public port and a major source of economic activity in the state. Below are some milestones for the Pier 2 rehabilitation announced by Gov. Gina Raimondo in 2016:

  • Receiving a Coastal Assent permit from the RI Coastal Resources Management Council and a Water Quality Certificate from the RI Department of Environmental Management.
  • Reinforcing the east and north facing seawall with a new steel sheet bulkhead.

“Quonset is excited to increase the capacity of the Port of Davisville,” said Steven King, Managing Director of the Quonset Development Corporation. “Having the ability to ship more goods in and out of the Port will only add to Quonset’s impact on economic development here in Rhode Island.”
Flex Industrial Space Nearly Ready for New Tenants
Quonset is getting ready to welcome new tenants into a new Flex Industrial Space, the only one of its kind in Rhode Island.The 25,000-square-foot building broke ground in the fall of 2017 and the steel framing was completed this past winter.

The building has a number of amenities to offer potential tenants, including full service utilities and high bay space for manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse use. Office spaces and restroom facilities are also included.

“The development of a new Flex Industrial Campus at Quonset Business Park is a big accomplishment for Rhode Island,” said Steven J. King, Managing Director of the Quonset Development Corporation. “We are excited to start welcoming new businesses to Quonset soon."

The building will be part of the Flex Industrial Campus at Quonset Business Park. The space will allow Quonset to continue to be a leader in creating job growth and economic development in Rhode Island.
American Muscle Car Restorations Known for Attention to Detail
Quonset’s American Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. (AMCR) was recently highlighted in the Providence Business News . AMCR has been restoring classic cars at their West Davisville facility for nearly 10 years. Founded in 2010 by Michael Mancini, the company restores vintage cars for customers throughout the country.
Mancini and his crew lead a variety of restoration projects - some cars arrive in perfect shape, while others need to essentially be put back together. Regardless of a project’s complexity, Mancini prides himself on his crew’s consistent attention to detail with every single car. 

AMCR is composed of multiple departments each focusing on a different facet of restoration. All restoration work is completed in-house on vehicles brought in directly by customers. 

“I’m lucky to have been able to turn a lifelong hobby into a profession,” said Mancini. “The entire crew works hard to restore every car that comes through our facility. Some projects take longer than others, but we always make the finished product look as good as possible."
Seaview Railroad Supports Army National Guard Shipment
Seaview Railroad played a key role in the shipment of 60 railroad cars worth of supplies to Camp Grayling, an Army National Guard training center in Michigan. Nearly 80 soldiers of the 1-103rd Field Artillery Regiment were present to load supplies onto the rail cars. Seaview employees were also on hand to maneuver the rail cars in place for their safe shipment to Michigan. It took only 2 days for the team to load 14 trucks, M777 howitzers and support equipment onto the rail cars.

This was an exciting partnership for the National Guard because they not only saved money in fuel costs by using Seaview Railroad, but they also helped the environment. Shipping the supplies via rail would eliminate 50 - 75 tons of carbon emissions for the one-way trip. Seaview and the facilities at the Quonset Business Park are always available and ready to help the Rhode Island National Guard with any of their future transportation needs.
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