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September  22, 2019

I am back!  and classes in Sarasota start tomorrow, Monday evening September 23, 5:45 pm, Wednesday morning class is still at 10:00 am.

During my time off, along with travel to Denver and Vermont, I was lucky to travel to Scotland:  Harry Potter land, Golf land, Outlander land.  It was the first time traveling 'over the pond' in over 25 years.  Amazing sights, history and stories filled time away, and amazing sights, people and comfort on the return. Now it's time to move forward.

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars for 2020 are still being organized but please note the tentative schedule.  We end 2019 with Better Balance I in Sarasota October 18-20 and  Release Your Jaw Seminar in St Pete November 15-17.     This simple yet profound Seminar demonstrates how  a change in tonus of tongue muscles and use of eyes can profoundly release excessively held tension in Neck, jaw and your whole self.  

On the intellectual side, one new article from  Science Magazine talks bout stress and bone health.  We knew that more muscular action on bones helped keep bones healthy.  Now they are suggesting a hormone gets released with any kind of stress?  Hmmm

I look forward to seeing you soon!  Bonnie K

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REMEMBER  --- If you want to F-e-e-l B-e-t-t-e-r  
 then... "When you 'feel' better', honor it, enjoy it, AND continue to Do Less.  Allow time to sense and integrate this new, pleasurable information."   

LIsten to  Awareness concepts with my Introduction to the
EffortlessSwing® approach for optimal golf   (MP3).  
Learn from others! Learn from the MASTER! 
Videos and learning material below. 
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You can always look AGAIN at Baby Liv!

" Ever since you sent me the Baby Liv video I watch her at least once a day. What a magical little teacher she is.
Yesterday I actually started noticing the space that happens in my body with certain movements.
thank you thank you.  Gosh I miss working with you." EV
Fall SCHEDULE 2019
ONGOING Awareness Through Movement® CLASSES in Sarasota at
Ionies , 1241 Fruitville Road 
[New students welcome]

Monday Evenings 
Wednesday Mornings 
10:00 am (until further notice)
Fee: $18 per class, $65 for 4 classes (completed within 6 months) 
Classes in St Pete 
TBA    -- Still working on it for January!!   
In Sarasota: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
In St Pete: Thursdays or Fridays  at Living Room Yoga
In Orlando:  by request   511 Ferncreek Ave. 
In Palm Coast:( ANAT BANIEL® METHOD) December 6-9  
Call:  941.587.4535 for an app't  
Message from Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc..    
" Harmonious, efficient movement prevents wear and tear. More important, however, is what it does to the image of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us." 

Anat Baniel Method®  of Neuromovement
for Children with Special Needs

Anat is offering Podcasts!!

MOST RECENT: Learning Switch

The Anat Baniel Method helps realize improvements that often surprise everyone by demonstrating how the brain can change through supporting a child to move with attention and discern differences. Moving and sensing differences supports early neuron connections in all children. Many children need extra support in the initial random movements and in sensing differences. The Anat Baniel Method works to enhance the natural process for making connections and learning to learn in every child, starting with where they are and moving them forward.  
F or more information:   Special video of Moshe Feldenkrais in 1981, about how he worked with children with Cerebral Palsy.
Moshe Feldenkrais had Anat Baniel, co-work with many of the children he saw and she has since created her own  Method.  I continue to learn from her amazing skills working with children.
Article about Development:  Don't stand me up!

Interview 2017  Children with Anat Baniel 

July 9, 2018 Infants neural mapping!  NYTIMES published an article

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars  use concepts from  The Feldenkrais Method ®  and offer practical applications for Educators, Coaches, Licensed Massage Therapists, and other professionals including Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Gerontologists and Practitioners of Child Development. 

Enjoy the experience of The  Feldenkrais Method®  as you learn the concepts and  practical applications for your life and profession through  TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars.
 'Mindful Touch', coupled with mindful movement can 'touch' deeper muscular/somatic places in a way other systems might not.  You enhance what you already know with a new thought - a new approach.  
            2019 Seminar Schedule  
 " Many thanks Bonnie & Nikki for a wonderful and useful learning experience."   June 4, 2019  a very pleased LMT
In Sarasota: Ionie's
 October 18-20  Level IV BETTER BALANCE 
( pre-requiste of 28-30 hours)
In St. Petersburg: 
November 15-17   Release Your Jaw ....
4:00-7:00 on Friday, 9:30-5 on Saturday & 9:00 - 4:00 Sunday
941.360.2248    Register through Calendar  on website
(early registration honored)
Go to date of Seminar and follow to bottom of page. You can use credit card with  PayPal
"I shared your method with my clients, using only the arms from the demonstration this weekend and every single person commented on how light or rubbery and at ease the arms felt after. This was a fascinating find for me. It makes my work more effective!" A.M., LMT
"This last seminar was a homerun for me. I picked up a lot of important pointers but most importantly the Key  Concepts of maintaining lifelong agility are now hardwired in my brain.  I have a whole new routine using the Feldenkrais Method®  incorporated in with my stretches that I do every day.  My lower back has never been looser. 
I have also had sessions with two clients showing them some of the movements and the concentration needed to sink into the moment." 
MS,  April 2019

Explore More:  Certificate Program
In Sarasota:   January 10-12, Level IV,  January 24-26  M oving CORE Weekend April 3-5, Release Your Jaw, July 10-12, Your Walking Engine-FEET, Sept, Level IV, Better Balance I
In St Pete:  February 7-9 Your Walking Engine-FEET,,  June 12-14, Release Your Jaw  Oct/Nov: Moving CORE Weekend
In Orlando  March 6-8 Lifelong Agility, May 1-3 Moving YOUR CORE Weekend,  Oct/Nov: Your Walking Engine Weekend
Introducing South EAST Florida: May 15-18?  July 24-26? November 13-15?  

The Effortless Swing® Approach 
for Optimal Golf   
 A 180-minute audio program (now in mp3 download format)  offering a new way to maintain an 'Effortless Swing' and improve your golf game. Do Less to Do More.  GREAT GIFT for the Golfer who wants to be a student of 'the swing' OR for anyone who wants a swing in their activity or walk?

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Moshe Feldenkrais teaching in Amherst MA 1980
My break up with yoga