Happy Monday!

Can I just get real right quick? Listen, I don’t care how messed up your life looks to you right now. I don’t care who you got involved with back in day that messed you up, turned you all around & your life upside down. I don’t care how many kids you have, the education you DID NOT receive, the many years that have gone by, or where you come from. DON't let the world or people stop you, block you or define you. Forget what they say or think about you. What others think do not matter. Stop feeling guilt or regretting what you did not succeed in. Don't you dare feel bad about you another second.

Give yourself permission to move forward.
YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE UNIQUE, BROTHER YOU ARE STRONG & YESSSSS SISTA YOU ARE FINE.... but better yet and more importantly....YOU ARE SPECIAL TO GOD. HE loves you. and....guess what...HE still has PLANS for YOU.
Start MOVING FORWARD right now.
I decree & declare by the grace of God you will accomplish EVERY SINGLE THING HE has PURPOSED for you to accomplish. Because by His Grace & Mercies you are who you are, no matter what state you're in now... think about it, It could be worst. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off & MOVE FORWARD. Don’t stay where you are another second. Stop believing the lies of the enemy. You are not too old, you are not too messed up, you're not too thick or too thin and you are not too far gone to start again.

It’s time you start talking again about who you will be, "call those things that's not as tho they are " your goals, dreams, aspirations and what you want to do and accomplish in life. Baby...It’s time to MOOOOVE FORWARD! It's time you start dreaming again, LIVING AGAIN and pursuing those dreams. FORGET YESTERDAY'S FAILURES AND TROUBLES...it's a new day! Write the book, start the business, say "I do", start the family, buy the house, take that luxury vacation and yes, accept your calling. PRESS FORWARD TO HIGHER HEIGHTS. Never mind who believes in you or who does not. YOU BELIEVE IN YOU. " If God is for us, who can be against us?" YOU CAN DO THIS...God is on your side. Come on; settle in your heart today that YOU will NO LONGER settle for anything less then who you were created to be. ALWAYS remember YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE A CHOSEN ONE. PROMISE YOURSELF YOU'LL NEVER EVER give up on yourSELF again.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a WINNER!
Give yourself permission to WIN! Go forth and expect nothing less but to WIN!
Excuuuuse me.... what are you waiting for... MOOOOVE!!!
Go forth...go forth right now...start this very second ....MOVE!
Cause the one thing I do know about you is without a shadow of doubt:
You were conceived and created by God therefore, you were designed and destined for greatness. You, my friend are anointed and appointed to

Today's Scripture :
Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead Philippians 3:13

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