Philadelphia architect helps two Massachusetts congregations reimagine their building to reflect a shared vision.

Brawer & Hauptman, Architects completed a feasibility study for a newly integrated congregation formed by two Reform synagogues.  The decision had been made to sell their older, larger building downtown and to renovate and expand their smaller, newer building on its secluded wooded site to suit the congregation's current needs. 
  • The proposed addition, providing a larger lobby and additional administrative space, gives the c.1980 building an updated and welcoming appearance and provides the visitor with the requested experience of transitioning from the secular to the sacred.
  • The proposed renovation of the sanctuary replaces the fixed pews with movable seating; adds a lower, accessible bema; provides new windows to bring more of the outside in; and integrates the two congregations' substantial displays of yahrzeit plaques in a way that contributes to the quest for inspired, sacred space.
  • The greatest symbol of the congregation's commitment to achieving a shared vision while honoring their individual histories is the new ark design, which combines the relocated ark from the older building with the contemporary ark doors from the newer building.

Michael Hauptman, AIA
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