When we think about the qualities and values that we are hoping to instill in our children, the words teamwork, creativity, growth, collaboration, and a knowledge of literature are among them. You may have heard the term “makerspace” before- a maker-space is essentially any area where you have the opportunity to make or create, where supplies, skills and ideas are shared, and where teamwork is essential

"I have had the pleasure of watching the students use the makerspace and stem activities on a variety of different occasions. With the ozobots, I've seen the kids working together in a team based approach to map out a plan, acknowledge their classmates’ ideas and suggestions, and incorporate it into their end programming design. It's amazing to watch the class have such a great time learning how to program and code in a supportive fun environment."
Dr. Jeannette Simon- Brookdale mom of Sophia (4th grade) and Lily (Kindergarten)