Take Your First Step Towards Better Health.

Let's Get Moving.

At the heart of our commitment to your well-being, we are excited to introduce "Moving Towards Better Health," an initiative aimed at promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle for all of our employees. Physical activity during the workday increases focus and productivity, reduces stress, and improves posture and muscle tone. "Moving Towards Better Health" is designed to encourage physical activity and camaraderie as we take steps toward improved health together! 

Locations and Distances (Click each link below for a map):

Board of Education

Distance: 1 lap = 0.53 miles (2 laps = 1 mile)

Explore the surroundings of our main location while clocking the miles. Each lap takes you closer to your fitness goals!

Board of Education - Courtyard

Distance: 1 lap = 415 feet (13 laps = 1 mile)

Step outside during your breaks and take advantage of the beautiful courtyard. Every lap brings you 415 feet closer to achieving a mile.

Bond Building

Distance: 1 lap = 0.25 miles (4 laps = 1 mile)

Embrace your fitness goals at the Bond Building as you complete laps around the premises. Four laps equal one mile.

How to get Moving Toward Better Health:

  1. Choose Your Location: Decide which location suits you best or rotate between all three for variety.
  2. Start Moving: Lace up your sneakers and start walking, jogging, or running. Remember, every step counts!
  3. Track Your Progress: Mark your laps in your notes and keep a record of your achievements.
  4. Join the Community: Share your journey on our internal platform and motivate your colleagues to stay active too.

Let's make "Moving Towards Better Health" a collective success! We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to prioritize your well-being and enjoy the benefits of increased physical activity.

Elevate your walking experience during "Moving Towards Better Health" by moving to a beat! We've teamed up with 88.5FM the Voice of MSCS' radio personalities to bring you three fantastic walking trail playlists. Choose your rhythm from selections crafted by "Brother John" Best, the "Musical Masseuse" Cathy Hart, and Kevin "KJ" Braden, and let the music move you towards your fitness goals. Whether you're in the mood for energetic beats, soothing melodies, or classic tunes, these playlists are sure to make your walking sessions even more enjoyable.

Tune in, step out, and make every lap count!

Select Your Walking Playlist