Our Ministry’s Main Base Will Be in 
North Phoenix, AZ and Beyond
Beginning June, 2016

We are excited to announce to you our new calling from the Lord.  God’s next expression of His grace to us is a move to Phoenix, Arizona.  We will continue to work with Grace Global Network in the developing of multiplying evangelical leaders and planting evangelical churches that will have exponential impact.   
Some of our highlights of this next ministry season will be:
  1. Serving with a new church that close friends of ours have started, the Driscolls; and being a missionary with GGN from this church.  We have been friends for 23 years and love/value them greatly. 
  2. Teaching as adjunct faculty at Golden Gate Seminary’s Phoenix Campus, including training and mentoring church planters and pastors. 

  3. Partnering with Grand Canyon University as adjunct faculty (Liberty University of the West) through online teaching and training.   

  4. Locking arms with Mark Koch, The First Hour devotional and Prelude Publishing. 
  5. Partnering with ministries such as The Timothy Initiative domestically and globally, along with Arizona SBC ministries and churches to see thousands of new believers, and 500 new church plants started in the state over the next 10 years. 
  6. Seeing hundreds of thousands of new converts and major national leaders trained around the globe who are church planting movement influencers with God sized visions and implementations. 
  7. Ministering with the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication and the many churches and ministries who are seriously going after 10 million multiplying disciples and 5 million new evangelical churches by the end of 2020. 
  8. Seeing lives changed…transformation of lives that are simply miraculous.  Young leaders today that will assist in the future of evangelical influence such as the people you have assisted in impacting already over the years through your giving; people like Arjuna Chiguluri, Samuel Compres, Mark DeYmaz, Mark Driscoll, Philip Dvorak, Ken Eze, Andre Harriott, Wes Furlong, David Miller, Jim Murphy, Braulio Portes, Muqqadam Zia, and others. 
  9. Keeping additional ministry bases still in SE and SW Florida.  Greg will be with current and potential GGN investors in FL periodically, training and networking throughout the state.  

We are committed by the Lord’s grace and power to giving life in the desert.  Phoenix, is a wonderful place of ministry, with Christian leaders having open hearts for significant Kingdom impact.  There are outstanding pastoral leaders working together cross denominationally for Jesus Christ and His renown in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.  One of the largest and fastest growing metroplexes in the U.S. (approaching 5 million people), Phoenix is heavily unchurched (Reported Average of 90-92%) and only has 17% of the population with Biblical interest.   

We need your help...

...to do this ministry well and with continued consistency.  During the next 60 days we need all of the funds below, except the $5,000 June 20th need.  When we pull out of West Palm Beach on June 1st, we must secure the following.  Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit what role He wants you to have in this ministry with us.  All checks go to GGN and are mailed to 2641 Livingston Lane, West Palm Beach, FL  33411

  • By Wednesday April 6th - $500.00 (Greg’s travel to Phoenix.   Flights need to be booked by April 7th)

  • By Tuesday April 12th - $1,500 (GGN Web design, administration costs)

  • By Wednesday April 20th -   $4,100 (Deposit to moving company and car carrier company)

  • By Tuesday April 26th - $6,500 (Lodging, appointments, rental housing search, transportation in Phoenix, deposits on rental home)

  • By Monday May 10th - $5,900 (Remaining funds for moving company)

  • By Friday May 20th - $2,600 (Family travel expenses with auto, lodging, gas, food, repairs)

  • By  Thursday May 26th - $31,000 (Back pay from last 6 months, this will help us wrap up things financially with living here in Florida and give us a breather to start in Phoenix)

  • By Monday June 20th - $5,000 (Rental utility deposits, furniture/items for home - much of ours was provided by current landlord, new move in costs).  We will send out our Phoenix GGN mailing address in mid May.  All GGN ministry investment receipts will have this new address provided in early June receipting.  
Click here to fill out the GGN card and mail all gifts to
2641 Livingston Lane,  West Palm Beach, FL  33411. 

Click here for a GGN piece with our track record since 2005 till now.  This is all to His glory and by His power.  Thank you for being a part of His miracles through this work.  

Warmly in the Son,

Greg and Debbie Kappas
Grace Global Network
Sunsets In The Desert Are Breathtaking
In our 12th year of ministry with GGN