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Full on summer is here, hurray! We are inundated with vacationers, wedding guests, wine tourists, RVers, tomatoes, peaches, basil and more. Next weekend is the Stuck in Lodi car show on our downtown streets, which means that the Brookside Moonlight Sip n' Stroll in benefit of San Joaquin County Hospice Butterflys is right around the corner. We will be there again, our table resplendent with great cheese to sample with your libation--join us for a wonderful night of food and music!

Below is the shop's class schedule, second to the last for the year since we stop public classes at the end of October. Private party culinary classes, of course, are available all year round--please call now to book a holiday date for your family, friends, or office team building or Christmas party. We don't need to know the details of your party yet, but we DO want to make sure that you have a date since they are limited. We will work out the details later...

Is school starting for your family? Let us hlep you find some easy warm weather meals, for those coming and going, for high-protein snacks in the athlete's diet and any other way we can help trans

We also want you to think about the holiday gifting season. Mark you calendar anytime during September or October to call us in advance to order fabulous gift baskets for every type of gift, even the hostess gift for your Thanksgiving hosts. The gift can be a refrigerated one, or of the non-refrigerated version--great to tuck in a gift certificate for your beneficiary to pick out their own cheeses to go with your gift basket accompaniments!

Our craft beer wall is full with yummy selections to tuck into the cooler and enjoy with a friend. I love the names of the breweries and the beers--Clown Shoes Brewing, or Shark Attack, Denoginator and Cosmic Ocean! Cold local ciders and beers are perfect for this season, so come and check them all out.

Just 6 more Farmer's Markets ahead. I hope you have been enjoying them as much as we have! The weather has really been cooperating, with just one really warm Market so far. Because the 4th of July was on a Thursday, the Market has been extended to Sept 5. Please come and see us soon!

With appreciation,

Cindy and Staff
Karen, Gioia, Julie, and Angelo
How true is this? Well, if you have ever manned a booth at a Farmer's Market, ALL of these will ring true... but please take them tongue-in-cheek! In a little article section entitled " Banned from the Farmers' Market Until Further Notice" published by Bon Appetite, the following rang quite true....

--Really big dogs
(I would say... Really? Big dogs?)

--Double-wide and triple-deep strollers

--Bluetooth phone calls while examining nectarines

--Bills over $20


--Asking if there's "better-looking stuff in the truck"

--Counting change too closely


(you know who you are!)

Don't ask if it is organic. If it is they WILL let you know it. The millennials out there WILL need to carry change--Square readers aren't everywhere, really, Don't even think about "second samples" especially with a used toothpick! It is not a buffet!

Some of the produce and products at a Farmer's Market might be more expensive than at the grocery store... but, it is probably riper, more flavorful, fresher, AND you are supporting small family businesses! Isn't that enough reason to spend a bit more? And, it is said, "actually better to buy at the grocery store is cat litter, bananas, and diet ginger ale!"

Come on out for our Farmer's Market, an ultimate neighborhood block party!


As one of our job opening ads quipped:

"Are you the wedge to complete our wheel?" We are looking for an enthusiastic go-getter for the POS/Delectable Pantry opening coming up in June for our team. Work availability for morning or afternoon shifts Monday through Sunday (up to 25 hours per week), alternating weekends with our other POS team member. Will reasonably work around school schedules. Must be 21 or older to sell our beer or wine.

Our easy training program will teach you all about the wonderful delectable pantry products we carry to pair with our cheeses--and you MUST taste and sample everything (yup, that's the dirty job everyone wants!)

We are also looking for a new Cheesemonger for our team. If you love to cook, have experience in the kitchen (professionally not necessary), and enjoy cheese and food in general--YOU are the "wedge" for us! The training program is easily accomplished AND tasty...you MUST eat all of our cheeses at least once so that you can describe and sell to our happy customers. 20-25 hours per week, Thurs-Sunday.

See our website "Contact Us" page for the Employment Opportunities section, and follow the directions. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Do you "plan for future happiness?" A quick phone call will help you do this!    Cheese 101A and Bread Baking Basics are offered every month from January through October. Popular classes such as Sushi, Filled Pasta and Bistro in Paris repeat throughout the year. 

Can't wait to cook with YOU!

Call to Book A Party For Your Group

With Cindy Della Monica
Tues, 8/13  6-8 pm
$65 per person
Everyone has a Grandma who made GREAT pie!!  We dream of flaky crust, luscious fillings, and yummy toppings from her table---so join me in discovering sweet and savory pies, a myriad of crusts, and wonderful fillings to make your mouth water no matter whose Grandma made them!  Registration ends 8/10/19    Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests

With Cindy Della Monica
Fri, 8/16   6-8 pm
$65 per person
Summertime is the perfect time for exploring the food of the South—from South Carolina and Georgia (Lowcountry food), and the delicious southern cuisine of its neighboring states. For example, the iconic Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday of May--besides the wild and wonderful hats worn to the race, it is almost obligatory to consume a Kentucky Hot Brown and drink a Mint Julep (or two!). In the Lowcountry, delicious sides to BBQ include new-to-us ways to prepare rice, corn, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, hush puppies and more, just in time to change up your summertime dining!  Registration ends 8/12/19  Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests

with Cindy Della Monica
Sat, 8/31   10:30am-12:30pm
$45 per person
Love bread? Want that ‘’fresh bread” aroma wafting through your home, and crusty deliciousness at your fingertips? Calling all beginner bread-bakers to come and learn the basic techniques for quick breads and scones, traditional yeast sandwich bread, and a surprising bread to bake in the microwave! Hands-on, light meal and take-home booklet included.      Registration ends 8/27/19 Minimum of 2 guests for class to be held, maximum of 5 guests

with Cindy Della Monica
Sat, 9/7   6-8 pm
$65 per person
Our first Ukranian class menu was a hit, and some of the recipes have made a showing in other classes. The Ukranian Table is a completely new menu of classic Ukranian cuisine. New zakuski , salads, entrée items and desserts will entice everyone to the table! I suggest watching the classic Dr. Zhivago movie while dining—if the zakuski doesn’t bring you to tears, the movie will!  Participation class, meal and take-home booklet included.      Registration ends 9/3/19 Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests  

with Cindy Della Monica
Wed, 9/11    6-8 pm
$65 per person
The Oktoberfest isn't just for Germans anymore. People have flocked to Germany from all parts of the globe to participate in the world's largest annual festival for nearly 200 years. In addition to the two-week celebration in Munich, which ends on the first Sunday in October, Oktoberfest is enjoyed in one form or another in cities and towns worldwide.  A flight of beers, cheese pairing, and a delicious German dinner, will inspire you to have an Oktoberfest celebration with friends and family! Come cook with us... Registration ends 9/8/19  Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests  

with Cindy Della Monica
Fri, 9/13      6-8p
$65 per person
We have had so much fun with the Middle Eastern for Beginners class, that this expanded class will have us cooking and sampling more fun food from the hot desert areas. We do serve wine or beer with the dinner, though the indigenous people would be having lovely glasses of verrrrry sweet mint tea. From Greece, and the clockwise circle around the Mediterranean rim, we will explore great cooking!   Registration ends 9/10/19   Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests  

with Cindy Della Monica and Chef Sara Blighton
Sat, 9/21      5-9 pm
$125 per person
It is a pleasure to announce the next of our Progressive Cooking events, and to team up with four wineries that have significant history either in their roots in the community or in the wines that they make.  This event will focus on our Valley history in food, family, and wine grapes. Our coursed meal is planned to embrace the “farm-to-fork” experience that was all our forefathers knew. Society today is rediscovering the joy of seasonal and local foods, bringing the “farm” home again! Join us for a delicious harvest evening.   Registration ends 9/15/19   Minimum of 12 guests for class to be held, maximum of 16 guests

with Liz Bokisch
Wed, 9/25      6-8p
$65 per person
The pleasure is all ours when Liz Bokisch graces our Grand Central Kitchen!  She brings wonderful recipes for tapas and other Spanish foods based on her experience living in Spain, preparing meals for her Spanish family and researching foods to pair with the wonderful wines produced by her husband Marcus and their head winemaker, Elise. As a food and lifestyle blogger, Liz has a new menu ideas to treat us to this evening!   Registration ends 9/20/19   Minimum of 8 guests for class to be held, maximum of 10 guests  

With Cindy Della Monica
Mon, 9/30    6-8 pm
$65 per person
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal snacks offer opportunities to get that “apple a day” into your daily routine. Sample apple risotto, French apple tart, the best muffins you’ve ever tasted, a super salad/appetizer and more! This hands-on class includes full dinner and booklet of recipes to take home.    Registration ends 9/26/19  Minimum 8 guests, maximum 10 guests


CALL 209 368-3033 Phone registration with VISA or MC