In that liminal zone between the old year and the new one, we often maintain the illusion that we can know what the new year will hold if we only think it through well enough. This year, we probably can't even hold on to the illusion. Still, there are wonderful things about not knowing, too, as long as we can find our way to decisions. Thanks for staying connected with us. Happy New Year from our family to yours. May 2017 hold more possibility than you can now imagine.  
Cultivating Leadership                                                                          December 2016
Five counter-intuitive ways to decide in uncertain times

2016 has been an unsettled and challenging year. From whatever your personal challenges were (mine was cancer) to the collective challenges of terrorism, election surprises, and climate change, the end of the year has left many of us gasping for breath. But the new year also looks totally unpredictable as Trump and Brexit come on line and our other challenges strike in unexpected times. Here are five things that we know about making decisions when we can't know what's next. 
Perhaps the only certainty is that we all need to get better with uncertainty. These workshops will help

Want ways to help leaders--and yourself--cope with uncertainty and even thrive in complexity? In this beta workshop we'll explore tools and practices for listening and intervening in complex systems.  Whether you've taken all of our workshops or none of them, come join us at the Coaching for Complexity workshop. You can read a little about the first running of that workshop here, and join Jennifer and Keith in Wellington 20-22 March. (Thanks to the last Coaching for Complexity crew for their pictures above!)

Uncertain about leaving home? Want a virtual workshop? Try Carolyn's new offering (with Doug Silsbee): Language, the body, and development: Language and soma as catalysts for presence. You can learn more about that here.

Or check out Jennifer and her friends at Coaches Rising for the eight week Art of Developmental Coaching. Learn more here.

Want the community that an in-person workshop brings? Come and join us!
Just starting out? Try our Conversations at the Growing Edge with Carolyn and Patrice in beautiful summery Wellington (January 15-17 2017). Or outside Washington DC with Carolyn and Beth 27 Feb- 1 March.

Already taken that one? Try our advanced Expanding Client Horizons Openly. You can take it with Carolyn and Beth in the Washington DC area (April 19-21).
Shaky ground creates the illusion of shakier ground. Hmm.

Keith reflects on the phenomenon of phantom earthquakes in New Zealand and wonders about the phantom earthquakes of a post Trump and Brexit world. says: "The earth moves with a big jolt - Trump is elected, Brexit wins. There is a series of aftershocks as Trump selects his cabinet and advisers, or the British select a new Prime Minister. Our inner ears and our hearts are shaken up and confused.  We start seeing phantoms.  Rooms keep wobbling.  We are unsure about what is up or down for some time. Is there a way we can look out to the horizon to orient ourselves; connect with our friends and colleagues to be assured that we will come through?"
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