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We hope you are back into the post-Labor Day high energy mode.  CCCR-Council of the Baptized is working into it.  Our informal pot-luck with Archbishop Hebda on August 31 was entirely enjoyable and gave us hope and energy for the future.  

We have a three-session "practical vision" workshop coming up to take stock and make a 5 year plan. If you have advice, email us at .
Please note that there will be no Council of the Baptized Open Forum in October or November because we will be in these sessions.  

This is an opportune time to take stock. Those of you who have been with us for the seven years we've been in existence know the story:  CCCR began as a stone in the shoe of the Archdiocesan leadership, as Archbishop Hebda said of Fr. Mike Tegeder, though our desire is rather to be a Dr. Scholl's arch support in a Vatican II local church.  Rejection of the Vatican II reforms on the one side and rejection of many traditional views on the other created a divide among us.  

Perhaps now it is possible to heal the divide with the acceptance of diverse views in sincere dialogue. Sincere and rational dialogue is a method of self critique for a community, keeping it on track and accountable.  We have hope that we will be able to talk together across the divide and become supports for each other on the Christian path.
So what subjects do we want dialogue on?  
This is where the Pastoral Recommendations Project (PRP) comes
in.  The PRP steering committee sent the document with over 100 recommendations to the Archbishop in June.  His initial reply was that it was overpowering, "like a fire-hose", and he asked if we would specify some priorities among the recommendations.  You can experience the fire-hose on the website or by clicking here. 
The Project's steering committee responded to the Archbishop with one recommendation from each of the eight categories, emphasizing two: 1) a healing process for all the people, and 2) formation of an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council for two-way communication among laity and clergy.   You have been talking with your pastors about the need for channels of two-way communication like an APC. The pastors who are deans and on the Presbyteral Council are the people to lobby. Ask your pastor to speak to his dean.
The meeting to discuss these starting points has not yet been scheduled.  Soon we hope.
We do not need the Archbishop's permission to get to work ourselves.  Many of the recommendations provide ideas for how each of us can organize some friends and make change happen.  When you have latched on to an idea with some plans to move it forward, let us know about it at  . We may be able to help, and we can let others know of your plan.  Here are some initiatives already in motion:
  1. Discussions on Eucharistic liturgy  
  2. Planning for a Women's Commission
  3. Expansion of the Office of Conciliation
  4. "Be an Askable Parent" for healthy sex education of children
  5. Communication with Intentional Eucharistic Communities
  6. Lay Ministry Support
  7. Participation of parishioners in the selection of a new pastor
Think big.  Be bold.  We are all responsible for the mission of the Church.   

In Joyful Hope,
CCCR Board and Council of the BaptizeWed