Dec. 2018

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Moving From Movember Into December

36 years later Multicyl company president Jim Brennan re-visits a photo taken in 1982 (circa), when the product was just a prototype.   Now 36 years later the moustache re-appears but unfortunately not the hair! 

Interestingly, the MC 12-5-4 remains one of our most popular Multicyl models despite being the first prototype cylinder designed. With 6 tons of force and 60 strokes per minute many automated punch and feed applications have been performed with this unit. 
The cylinder has had several re-designs and improvements over time and will now produce millions of hits with little or no maintenance. The attractive colour design is bound to improve operator satisfaction on the job. 

"Press-in-a-Box" Competition results.

In the month of November several sales were recorded for Press-in-a-Box packages. However only one customer mentioned Movember and qualified for the discount offered. Multicyl has matched the customer's discount with a contribution to the Movember Foundation mens'. That customer Ray Wolpert from Union Connector, Fl. gladly gave permission to use his name, but NO photo. No
moustache presumably. 

With the month of November and our Movember promotion behind us, we find ourselves in December and getting close to the holiday season. 
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