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July 2019 Build Progress Update #.0041
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The Nova and Mustang bodies were detailed and delivered to Chuck Buckler  and  Travis Soper . They'll be bringing the  Larry Williams Design  paint schemes to life!
Paint supplied by  USA Auto Supply  Philadelphia.
Thanks to Jamie, Ed and Denny for the use of their tow vehicles, trailers and time. Great friends.
"We started disassembly, immediately after Rod tacked the final three Mustang chassis brackets in place. The engine will be lifted off tonight and the chassis will be cleaned on Saturday. Rod will begin the finish welding process and powder coating will follow." ~Jill
"Our fathers introduced us to fast cars, motorcycles, machinery & hand tools. We wouldn't be able to do what we do, without our passion for racing and shop skills." ~Rod
Jill finished bending and installing all of the trailer brake lines, and the rv interior panel alterations.
Rod shown checking fit of everything on the Mustang, before disassembly.
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