UNITY among YAG Members!
Despite the pandemic we are moving forward, supporting one another, learning and sharing our love of art and of humanity!
The new year shall bring better health and new opportunities.
Let's share our good news . . .


Our YAG members' news!
"We are very pleased to showcase Sallie Raymond's 1st Place award winning entry in the show,
A Class Act, at the Cape Cod Art Center, which ran through January 15th".
 Below is
"Lavender Blue"
Sallie also has a piece in the Annual Member's Exhibition 2021 at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, running through January 30th. It is called "Riptide II"


Eastwind Gallery

  located in the heart of the Orleans Cultural District~34 Main Street, Orleans

Anticipated openings for artists of all media
Contact for more info.

More good news to share!

Elinor Freedman is a Pastel Artist who has just been featured in 
*Chatham Orpheum Theatre's  Artist of the Month Series.
Follow the link* to The Artwork of Elinor Freedman
to "meet and visit " with Ellie and
view some of her recent works. 
Patty Barnes will be displaying her Exhibit of Oil Portraits of "Cape Cod Pandemic Heroes" at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod from February 3-27. The Cultural Center will feature an open house on Saturday, February 6 from 2-5 pm.
A remarkable tribute to local Cape Codders who have continued to work amid the Pandemic.
YAG Showacse Openings

Eileen (Cis) Poremba in photo left is accepting YAG Members to display their artwork at our Showcase segment at our YAG general meetings. We have three openings as of this date:
April, May and November
Contact Cis:
From Pam DeYoung
VP/Indoor shows
In June 2020 the Yarmouth Town Hall was given the green light to have the public come into the building and we were able to go and hang up our art on their walls. They have since had to scale back their position and at this time we are not allowed in the building.

Pam is seen in photo top left during one of her Theorem teaching classes.

The other three venues Cape Cod 5, Oliver’s and the So. Yarmouth Library are still restricting the public. We wait to hear from them when they will allow us back in. There is a silver lining to all of this ….all of these venues have expressed their desire to have us back with our art!

Our Dear Friend and YAG Member, Dakota De Smet
passed away . . .
Very sad news indeed!

We've been in touch with her legal representative and been given the following information:
     Sadly, her many health problems piled up on top of each other and she died November 26th of a heart attack brought on by respiratory failure due to lung, kidney and circulatory problems, compounded by diabetes. Given all these many problems at her age (86), honestly it was a blessing as life was getting very hard for her in every way - which is why she had not been able to paint in some time, much to her dismay. She loved painting and being able to express her artistic personality.  

Dakota was a dear friend to many of us for many years. She belonged to the
YAG Paintbox Gallery and was quite active in all YAG events. She had a unique energetic and often humorous personality. We loved her unique
abstract paintings as well as her lovely still life collection.

Dakota will remain an inspiration to us all! She will be dearly missed!

~ Joan Johnson

PERHAPS you've overlooked it?

YAG Annual Dues of $40 is
now long overdue.
We began collection in September.
We need you to respond asap.
Address is below.
Thanks! Joan


AAmanda Gorman
"The Hill We Climb”

"When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this
never-ending shade?"

[Inauguration Speech/Poem]

Amanda continues with a most elegant and wise dissertation which
calls us all to rethink priorities and review our own gifts.

In my opinion, as your friend and the President of YAG for the past five (5) years, I believe that in sharing those gifts with others
we receive blessings!

It is now the time for YOU to consider sharing your talents with others by serving on the YAG team.
This is my last year as President.

To prepare, we are soliciting new members to join our board and eventually some brave (fortunate) YAG member
will become President.

I will continue to prepare the Constant Contact announcements,
the Paintbox Newsletter, and assist with the PR.
Therefore, the new Presidential duties will be lessened by far.

I believe in a "no-nonsense" kind and efficient attitude toward work goals and objectives. It will be my pleasure to assist in every way.

Be thinking about this invitation.

It is meant for you and others who care about
art education for adults as well as our children.

With hugs and in good faith,