Tierra y Raices closing reception participants, including MovingGround collaborators, and Edgar Ochoa (foreground).

THANK YOU to the School of Arts & Culture and San Jose Works for the invitation & opportunity to co-create!

Reflections from the MovingGround Collaborator Gathering:

As many of you already know, MovingGround is growing and evolving! In February, we hosted our first collaborator gathering. With local collaborators in person and distant collaborators on Zoom, we discussed our dreams for the future of MovingGround and ways to support each other. We are so grateful to collaborate with such talented and thoughtful community and we're thrilled to be expanding our collaborator team through many creative engagements and deepening of our work. Together we dreamed of a MovingGround future filled with merch options, wider Bay Area networks, scientist-led workshops, TED talks & performances, and more!

JOIN US....Upcoming MovingGround Engagements

Djerassi Art Immersion Hike


MovingGround is returning to the Djerassi Program for another interactive performance hike experience, co-created with the land and environs of Djerassi. ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT!

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Being With Place: Site-Specific Response @ the Dance Palace


with Krista DeNio & Tanja London

Through somatic responses to place, electromagnetic field, and philosophical explorations, we will create site-specific, interactive, performative experiences, working with architecture and nature. What to expect: Physical warm-up; composition tools; performance making techniques (working indoors w/ architecture and outside with nature).

Fee: $100-150/person

NOTE: For discounted tickets (@ $100) use the code: "MovingGround@DP"

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Recent Events from MovingGround

"Tierra y Raices" Closing Reception


MovingGround collaborators created an interactive site-specific experience at the School of Arts & Culture and the Mexican Heritage Plaza in relation to the gallery exhibition Tierra y Raíces. Encapsulating our senses of sight, sound, movement, and touch as we connect with the land, trees, and water, we celebrated our shared ancestry of earth and roots. This experience was made possible by SOAC and Works San Jose.

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Tenderloin Arts Festival


MovingGround presented the NETWORK project conversation #1, at Boedekker park---with a site-specific installation and opportunities for local residents to connect with the nature in the park, one another in conversation, ritual, music making, and nourishment. MovingGround was a part of the festival alongside other local artists working at various neighborhood landmarks and businesses around the Tenderloin. The festival is produced by CounterPulse and SafeHouseArts.

Find More Information Here

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Meet MovingGround's New Team Member!

Moving Ground is excited to welcome our new Development Intern, Emma Quan Dewey, to our team! Emma is a Bay Area-raised dancer and choreographer currently based in Lisjan Ohlone lands (Oakland). She is an Emerging Artist in Residence at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, where her work explores the embodied legacies of US empire in her Chinese lineage, and how these legacies interface with whiteness, assimilation, and citizenship structures within their Chinese and white identity. Emma holds a BA in Dance and Anthropology from Bowdoin College and has shown work at the School For Contemporary Dance & Thought, Dance Mission Theater, Bowdoin College, and with Dancing Earth Creations. Emma’s practice weaves together dance, oral history, archival research, and poetry, so they are thrilled to be supporting Moving Ground’s interdisciplinary and community-oriented work.

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Photo Credits: Header photo taken by Edgar Ochoa, of exhibition guests/ audience participants and MovingGround collaborators, Diana Lara, Esther Young, Tanja London, Krista DeNio, Heidi Erickson, Prof Eros, and Francisco Ramirez @ the Tierra y Raices Closing Gallery Event. First photo taken by Krista DeNio of Tanja London, Diana Lara, Heidi Erickson, and Esther Young. Second photo taken by Hillary Goidell, of Amy Cranch, Krista DeNio, Heidi Erickson, and Diana Lara at the Djerassi Program. Third photo taken by Hillary Goidell of Heidi Erickson and Diana Lara in the NETWORK project at the Djerassi Program. Fourth photo of the NETWORK project activation at closing reception of "Tierra y Raices" on the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Fifth photo taken by Hillary Goidell of young participant at theTenderloin Arts Festival. Last photo of Emma Dewey dancing.