the NETWORK project at the 2023 Tenderloin Arts Festival @ Boedekker Park

Krista DeNio with Helen and Wassah; photo by Hillary Goidell

the NETWORK project: A dialogue on building resilience in our Nature Bodies, at the Dance Palace in Point Reyes: Photos by Claire Burns; (Above): Audience participants during a guided orientation/ landing score, (Below): Moderator and Panelists for the dialogue (Left to Right): Krista DeNio, Claire Peaslee, Theresa Harlan, Diane Butler, Ken Otter

A Message From MovingGround:

This Spring and Summer were full of incredible engagement, co-learning, building and co-creating, in so many different ways. We are grateful for relationships new and old and the stewarding of these, within the places and spaces where we are lucky to work in community.

We look forward to more interactive, community-engaged, site-specific, and creative experiences in the Bay Area and beyond!

NEXT UP: We are looking forward to a Fall focused on the FUTURE of MovingGround.

We will engage in a collaborator retreat, where we can dig into long term planning, creating more sustainable business structures, shared leadership, and visions!


Keep an eye out for an upcoming FALL ART IMMERSION HIKE at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, among some other life-giving, creative experiences.


We're working to create more access to our previous offerings ONLINE!

Thank you for partnering, learning and being together with us in community!

Recent Events from MovingGround

2023 Fall Art Immersion Hike at the Djerassi Program

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Being with Place: Site-Specific Workshop with Tanja London and Krista DeNio

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the NETWORK project: A Dialogue on Building Resilience in our Nature Bodies with panelists: Theresa Harlan, Ken Otter, Diane Butler, and Claire Peaslee

Learn more about the event here

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Heidi Erickson has been building together with MovingGround for the past three years!

We are so grateful to Heidi for all of her work, innovation, leadership and inspiration, throughout her time with us--beginning as an intern and moving into the Projects Coordinator role.


but we are cheering you on, as you move into the next phase of your career!

Heidi will continue with MovingGround as a collaborator and a member of the MovingGround Advisory Board, as she takes on more leadership in her position with Fresh Meat Productions and focuses on performing and creating more!

We look forward to our continued collaboration and to see what you do next Heidi!


WELCOME ABOARD EMMA DEWEY, who will be our Interim Projects Coordinator!

We are thrilled to be working with Emma and more to come this Fall!

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Photo Credits: Header photo of Krista DeNio with audience participants from the Tenderloin Arts Festival at Boedekker Park taken by Hillary Goidell, Second photo of Tanja London with audience participants at the Tenderloin Arts Festival taken by Hillary Goidell; Third photo of participants hand holding notes to ancestors, at Tenderloin Arts Festival; Fourth photo

of Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes, Mindy Zarem, Heidi Erickson, Tanja London, Diana Lara, and Krista DeNio at the Djerassi Program Art Immerison hike by Esther Young; Fifth photo of participants in Being with Place workshop at Dance Palace in Point Reyes, photo by Krista DeNio; Sixth photo of Moderator (Krista DeNio) with panelists (Claire Peaslee, Theresa Harlan, Diane Butler and Ken Otter.