We are following the weather closely as it impacts our priorities. With the dry weather, we will be prioritizing mowing the first part of this week.  Some lawns need it more than others so we are prioritizing those that need it most and will be mowing on every dry stretch coming up this month. 

We do not want to put off mowing but want to avoid damaging lawns when the soil is too wet.  The recent rain and snow has kept most properties wet and soggy.  We are trying to work around the rain and take advantage of any dry stretches but they have been few and far between.  Luckily the recent cold temperatures have been below normal and most lawns have stopped growing.  
Besides, there are a lot of other priorities like winter pruning and shrub bed preparation for pre-emergence weed control.  We are quite busy this month preparing for spring and adjusting our schedule based on the weather. 

The long range forecast is for wet and cool weather so our landscape maintenance work this spring may be challenging.  Spring is near, but it is a long way from summer.  

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