Moxie Mornings continues ... online!
Keep watching and learning together!
As you may have heard, the Moxie has closed our doors temporarily. But our commitment to cinema will never wane! While we might not all be together in person, we will continue to offer ways for you and your family to engage with film.

In lieu of a physical Moxie Morning, check the Moxie Kids newsletter , YouTube and our Moxie Kids Facebook page for videos and activities.

Let's do this!

View the playlist in the link below and watch together. (Parents, not all of the animations by PES are appropriate for little kids, but everything in the Moxie playlist is :)
Which videos get a thumbs up? Thumbs down?

What kinds of objects did you recognize that became something else?

What form of animation is this? How is it made?

Now for an activity :

Look at the still below from "Fireworks."

Can you create an image of fireworks at home using material found around the house? Take a picture when you have an explosive scene and share with us on Facebook or Instagram #MoxieKids
We can't wait to see your bright and shining faces again, but until then we'll share online. If you have questions about anything Moxie Kids, please send them to

During this initial closure, Moxie staffers will continue to receive full pay. We are in a financial position to do so thanks to generous support from  members.