July 2018, Issue 5

WAV Group Newsletter
By Marilyn Wilson

Wow, just saw this and just HAD to comment. It’s rare that we see brokers go at each other so publicly about their competitive claims, but I have to say this letter is pretty interesting.
By David Gumpper

June 5th was an interesting day in Washington, DC for the real estate industry. The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice held a workshop to gain insight on the competitive environment in real estate.
By Victor Lund

This may be one of the most redefining moments in the history of real estate technology.

Technology vendors who wish to make their products available to Upstream brokers and franchises must connect to the Upstream today. Upstream does not charge vendors to use the service. I would like to invite you to learn about Upstream during a webinar that we are hosting on RE Technology on Wednesday, August 1 st . Because of the capacity limitations on our GoToWebinar service, we may only allow the first 1000 to register.  Please follow this link to register today.