Moyno®  Pumps
Carver Machine Works has been delighting customers for decades by reducing budgets with our ability to repair and overhaul rotating equipment.  One of the many pumps we specialize repairing are  Moyno® pumps.
We have worked on various sizes of Moyno® pumps and are ready to help overhaul your equipment today.
Before and after
Moyno ®  2 Stage Pump
An example of a 2 stage pump we overhauled for a customer earlier this year.  
Our scope of work:
  • Disassemble and inspect, generate a repair plan and send quote
  • Replace stator, shaft and connecting arm
  • Replace bearings, seals, gaskets and retaining rings
  • Hand pack bearings with grease prior to assembly
  • Reassemble and paint
  • After final inspection CMW delivered back to our customer
  • Lead time from receiving PO to CMW delivery was 4 weeks
Two multi-stage Moyno®  pumps ready to ship

Our Mission

Our mission for Carver Machine Works is to add value to our customers through our superior quality, extensive experience, and cost effective solutions.  We strive to enhance and ensure the success of our customers as well as increase value for our employee owners.

About Us

 Carver Machine Works is an engineering centered, disciplined metal fabricator.  We provide world-class welding fabrications , precision machining capabilities , mechanical assembly and  rebuild services.
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