A Word from the Rabbi

Rabbi Paltiel

Notice the similarities:

Esther, a Jewish leader and heroine of the Purim story, had to break protocol ("no one can go to the King without being invited... they shall be beheaded unless his majesty puts out the golden rod") and go into the halls of power to plead for her people.

This week, just one day before the "Fast of Esther" which commemorates that brave act, a modern day Jewish leader Benjamin Netanyahu had to break protocol ("the White House wasn't informed about the invitation to speak before a joint session of Congress") and go into the halls of power to plead for his people.

"In every generation they rise up against us to annihilate us (to wipe us off the face of the globe... sound familiar?) and the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves us from their hands".

Now, like then, there is no doubt the Jewish people are being protected by our Father in Heaven. We will overcome this threat to our existence, absolutely, positively.

To the Prime Minister we say (in the words of Moses, with which Bibi concluded his speech): CHAZAK VE'EMATZ! Be strong & resolute. Do not fear nor dread the evildoers!

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

NEW: Teen Rabbi to Work with our Chabad!

New Teen Director -
Rabbi Shaya Denburg

I am excited to announce that a young rabbi with experience and talent working with teens will begin working in our community on a part time basis.

Rabbi Shaya Denburg is being hired jointly by four Long Island Chabad Centers, as part of a grant program from Chabad C-Teen Headquarters in Brooklyn (under the directorship of Rabbi Cantor Shimon Rivkin - our beloved High Holidays cantor).

Rabbi Shaya Denburg was born and raised in Coral Springs, Fl, to his parents, the local Chabad Shluchim. He was always involved in the programs for the community.  He spent his High School summers being a counselor in camps for teens. During his yeshiva college years, he ran various programs for teens in South Africa, England and in NJ. Post yeshiva year he worked in the Yeshiva High School in Coral Springs, serving as counselor overseeing all the needs of the teens including their personal and emotional needs. After marrying last year, he spent the year organizing programs for a Yeshiva school in Brooklyn for 7th-11th grades. He comes to us with experience, personality and know-how. We are very excited for this addition to our community.

Rabbi Denburg will begin his work immediately contacting local teens and their families to get things going now, and much more so for the next school year.

Parents with teen age children, expect Shaya's phone call... You can also feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].

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Jewish Pride

A group of 7 Chabad Yeshiva students filmed a music video as their response to growing anti-Semitism around the world.

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In the News
Genius of the Jews

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and Simon Schama:
The Genius of the Jews

The extraordinary resilience of the Jewish people-in the face of adversity through every generation since Moses-gives power and resonance to their collective vision, and provides the key to Jewish identity and sense of purpose.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Emeritus Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth and current professor at New York University, Yeshiva University and King's College London and Simon Schama, author of The Story of the Jews, dig deep into Jewish history to explore and explain the genius of Jewish survival, resilience, security, prosperity and leadership. Moderated by David Gregory.

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Question of the week
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Question: Is it really necessary to have leaven "removed" from one's property during the eight days of Passover? My plan was to box it up and put it in my shed for the week. Is this acceptable according to Torah? If not, why?


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Our condolences to Mr. Jack Bendror on the passing of his beloved wife of 61 years, Gloria Bat Yosef of blessed memory.

Mr. Jack Bendror


Richard Levi 3/6
Roman Itkin 3/7
Michael Shilian 3/7
Boaz Edidin 3/10

Robert Salzbank 3/11

Gertrude Kaplan,
(Chaya Gitel bas Mordechai)
3/6/2015 | Adar 15, 5775
observed by

Ellen Savran

Cecile Meltzer,
(Ziscle bas Yakov Solomon HaLevi) 3/8/2015 | Adar 17, 5775
observed by Bruce & Steven Stark and Ellen Gabe

Shirley Kupferberg,
3/9/2015 | Adar 18, 5775
observed by
Mr. Carl Kupferberg

Essie Rubin, (Esther bat Hyman) 3/9/2015 | Adar 18, 5775
observed by

Barry & Donna Jason

Murray Schneider,
(Meir Eliezer ben Betzalel)
3/10/2015 | Adar 19, 5775
observed by Edith Schneider
Victor & Terri Hovanec

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Daily Thought
Infinite & Intimate

"As water, face to face, so the heart of a man to his fellow."(Proverbs 27:19)

Does G-d then laugh? Does the Infinite Light cry over failure and rejoice in success? Does He that brings time and space into existence truly love with the passion of a frail human being or feel remorse as a creature trapped within the tunnel of time?

But G-d desired the human soul with all its struggles. And the proof: We are here.

And when G-d conceived this being, He looked down from His lofty realm beyond love and laughter, passion and remorse, and He said, "Shall she then be alone in his place and I in mine? Is this oneness?"

So He arranged a meeting place. He determined that the boundless emotions that are the fabric of the human soul would glimmer as well within the purity of the Infinite Light.

So that in love and laughter and compassion and awe and beauty, This human creature and G-d could find one another, and neither would be alone.

Maamar B'Sha'ah She'alah 5725.

The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Ki Tisa

The people of Israel are told to each contribute exactly half a shekel of silver to the Sanctuary. Instructions are also given regarding the making of the Sanctuary's water basin, anointing oil and incense. "Wise-hearted" artisans Betzalel and Aholiav are placed in charge of the Sanctuary's construction, and the people are once again commanded to keep the Shabbat.

When Moses does not return when expected from Mount Sinai, the people make a golden calf and worship it. G-d proposes to destroy the errant nation, but Moses intercedes on their behalf. Moses descends from the mountain carrying the tablets of the testimony engraved with the Ten Commandments; seeing the people dancing about their idol, he breaks the tablets, destroys the golden calf, and has the primary culprits put to death. He then returns to G-d to say: "If You do not forgive them, blot me out from the book that You have written."

G-d forgives, but says that the effect of their sin will be felt for many generations. At first G-d proposes to send His angel along with them, but Moses insists that G-d Himself accompany His people to the promised land.

Moses prepares a new set of tablets and once more ascends the mountain, where G-d reinscribes the covenant on these second tablets. On the mountain, Moses is also granted a vision of the divine thirteen attributes of mercy. So radiant is Moses' face upon his return, that he must cover it with a veil, which he removes only to speak with G-d and to teach His laws to the people.