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I think you're going to love this month's cartoon.  I know you can relate.  This month's audio selections are from my talk with the inventor of the jogbra, which was a much more important garment than you might think.  You'll like the podcast. 

And you probably didn't know that coffee will not only warm you up, bu it will cool you down in the summer.  See To Your Health for a different perspective on it.  That's kind of the theme this month: Get a new perspective and the world doesn't change at all.  But your world changes completely.


   New Podcast

You may not know Lisa Lindahl, but you know her work. She is the creator of the jogbra. If you're under 40, you probably never knew a time without it. But it's impact on the world of sports, fitness, and women's equality was so significant, the Smithsonian has an exhibit on it. For the first time in history, women could seriously compete in sports at the same level as men. Take a listen at iTunes or Beanpod.    
   Sound Bite  

For the sound bite this time, I'm taking a piece from the podcast above, about the creation of the jogbra. This was just such an important invention.  It's easy to discount it because it's just a piece of underwear, but you'd be wrong to do that.   
Writing Tip Tip
e How to start writing.   Sometimes, whether you want to or not, you have to write a paper or document or whatever.  Most people who give writing advice tell you to plan it out first.  Write down what you want to say, what is most important, etc.  And that's great.  It you're the kind of person who works well that way.

My brother-in-law is an author and he says there are two kinds of writers: Planners and pantsers.  That is, those who fly by the seat of their pants.  He's a planner.  He works it all out, then writes it.

I'm not a planner.  And neither are a whole lot of other people.  If you are one of those people, I say just start writing.  You can rewrite as much as you want.  You can cut this out, add that, move this to here, end with that other thing, not this one, whatever.  A lot of people do better that way.  So, I just wanted you to know there is more than one person to take advice from for writing.  

Mr. Rogers and the Value of Perspective

I just watched a documentary about Fred Rogers.  Or, as he was known to millions upon millions of children, Mr. Rogers.  The show came out when I was somewhere in high school and let me tell you, when you are a teenager, nothing was hokier than Mr. Rogers.  I mean, that saccharined "I like you just the way you are" line.  Come on!

But I kept hearing all these wonderful things about it, how it was so great for young children and how much they loved it.  My mom said my much younger brother loved it.

Sometimes I'd walk through the den when he was watching it and I'd just roll my eyes. One time he was doing an episode about spraining his ankle!  How lame - no pun intended - was that!  And after the doctor wrapped it all up, he unwrapped it so the children could see that his ankle was still there.  What?! 

As I grew into an adult, of course, I realized the show had a lot of value, but it wasn't until I saw this documentary that I really got it.  He made it okay to talk about anything!  No matter how sad it made you or how angry or how scared, it was okay to feel that and you could talk about it.  And you were still a special person. 

I was in tears watching him talk to the children through his show.  He had such love for them!  He treated them so gently.  And he talked to them about thing most adults wouldn't, but that the children were curious about. 

That documentary was amazingly powerful to me.  I got a much better idea of what children's fears are that would never have occurred to me.  It taught me about children.  And it validated the way I deal with them.

But I'm not here to talk to you about Mr. Rogers, although that would be worthwhile enough.  What I want you to take away from this article is how valuable a different perspective is.  In this case, it was age that gave me the different perspective, but it can be anything.  It doesn't change the world at all.  But it changes your world.  It shows you how to relate to the world in a different way.  That is what I want you to remember.

And, well, wouldn't it be nice if we had a few more Mr. Rogers' in the world?

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I found this site,, that has a bunch of counter-intuitive health advice. It's really interesting. Like to cool off in hot weather, drink something hot. Really? Yes, really, the site says.

And drink a cup or two of coffee before you take a nap. Don't brush your teeth right after eating, especially if the meal was acidic. Wait 30-60 minutes. Eat more to lose weight. The above link gives you eight of these. 

The link is definitely worth checking out, and not just for the tips it gives you.  Read why these counter-intuitive tricks work. Learn what's going on in your body. Logic is all well and good, but if you're missing even one fact, all the logic in the world isn't going to get you a workable answer.

I'm not advising you to fact-check everything you do and everything you put into your body. Of course, that would not be do-able. So, one solution is to really pay attention to what your body is telling you. When you have your morning cup of coffee, see how it makes you feel

The main point I'm making is: Learn to listen to your body. This is not easy to do if you're not used to it, partly because wishful thinking tends to speak much louder than your body. But start working on it. It's one of the most valuable skills you can learn.

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Life begets life.   
Energy begets energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.

Sarah      Bernhardt 

Just for Fun
This month's puzzle is pretty straightforward.  TRUE or FALSE
1) Sandwich, the food
    item, is name after
    a person.
2) England's King
    Henry VIII had all
    six of his wives
       TRUE or FALSE 
3) A monk named Dom
    Perignon invented
       TRUE or FALSE
4) Fencing is one of the
    sports of the modern
       TRUE or FALSE
5) Chocolate can be
    lethal to dogs
        TRUE or FALSE
6) Brazil has won more
    World Cup champion-
    ships than any other
       TRUE or FALSE

Answers to February:
1) 15    5 x 3 is
2) 15   
7 + 8
3) 121 
11 x 11
4) 5      10 รท 2
5) 144 
12 x 12
6) 44   
14 + 30 

In Good Taste
Soups are great in the winter. This recipe has a lot of ingredients, but it's a crock pot recipe, so it's really easy. Don't you love slow cookers? It makes it so easy to come home to a hot, home-cooked meal. 
Ingredients :
   2 boneless, skinless
      chicken breasts
   2 C chicken stock
   1 10-oz jar red enchilada
   2 14-ox cans black beans,
      rinsed and drained
   1 14-oz can fire-roasted
      diced tomatoes   

   1 15-oz can whole-kernel
      corn, drained
   1 4-oz can diced green
   2 cloves garlic
   1 white
      onion,  diced
   1 tsp ground
   1 tsp salt, more or less
   optional garnishes: chopped
      fresh cilantro, diced
      avocado, diced read onion,
      shredded cheese, sour
      cream, tortilla strips/chips

Directions :  
1) Put all ingredients in slow-
     cooker, stir to combine;
     cook on high for 3-4 hours;
     low for 6-8 hours; until
     chicken shreds easily; use 2
     forks to shred
2) Serve warm with optional

Where did that come from?
When we say someone is   Head Over Heels, we  mean they are so ecstatic - usually crazy in love - that the world seems upside-down. 

That's a strange way to say it, though, isn't it?  I mean, head over heels is the way you're supposed to be. We use the term the same way we would use bass-ackwards or topsy-turvy, but those make sense.  This one doesn't.

I don't know if any other language does this, but this is an example of an expres-sion that we know what it means, even though it makes no sense. 


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