April 24, 2020

Dear Families:

I hope this correspondence finds you all healthy and safe! As we conclude our first week back after break, I was able to join many of our classes that were conducted via Zoom. It was great to see the students. Although nothing will replace seeing them walk the halls and conversing with them about how their break was, it was great to see them nonetheless. 

Although I do not have any specific updates for you today, I wanted to share with you some things we are discussing and hope to have updates for you shortly.

As we have previously communicated, we are committed to having a graduation for our seniors. We cannot discuss an exact date or even what it will look like yet as much of that depends on the governor’s social distancing policies, but having a ceremony remains a top priority. It is all of our hope that even if we cannot return to school this year, that a graduation ceremony could still take place even if it had to be in July or August.

Finals & End-of-Year Dates:
I have been meeting and discussing this topic with my colleagues from Trinity and the other high schools. We will be communicating to you by the end of next week how we will handle finals. Included in this communication will be our official end-of-year dates.

Student Well Being:
Our students remain my top priority. We realize that this pandemic has taken an incredible toll and caused a great deal of anxiety for all - especially our students. It goes without saying that they are always on my mind and in my prayers. Keeping our students engaged in learning is one thing, but letting them know that we are here and care deeply about them is another. I have been having discussions with many people (including many of you) about how we can better keep their spirits up and let them know how much we care. You could expect to see an increase in these efforts moving forward.

As always, thank you all for your tremendous support and for everything you do for our students. 

Be well and stay safe!

God Bless,